Agency: 10-11 month is through good quality blue chip rebound window Shenzhen sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you falls in the stock index yesterday and ECG trend you, but still brewing rebound. The news is more partial loose, in addition to the Ministry of finance to determine the third batch of a total investment of billions of PPP projects, the central bank recently held a meeting to convey the housing credit of commercial banks, the regulation of real estate mortgage risk control, the spirit of the meeting. The property market regulation policy, the stock market or an important option for the whereabouts of funds. Comprehensive institutional view is still optimistic, since October, the positive factors of the stock market increase, 10-11 month is still a rebound window. Strict control of mortgage risk trillion PPP project landed in the recent market subdued, but the news is as one falls, another rises. In October 13th, the Ministry of Finance website "on jointly released the third batch of government and social capital cooperation demonstration projects, accelerate the construction of demonstration project notice", to determine the third batch of PPP demonstration project, plans a total investment amount of 11708 yuan. The second is financial impact on the economy, development and Reform Commission’s latest position to leverage will not have a significant effect on the economic crunch, deleveraging measures is comprehensive, many measures are overall steady growth and deleveraging. And stressed the orderly development and co-ordination, rather than requiring overnight. Therefore, the policy design will not let the deleveraging of the economy have a significant tightening effect, in the course of the implementation of the policy will also strive to avoid the possible economic tightening effect. The real estate sector, following the national day more than 20 cities after the introduction of regulatory policies, the executive level has been extended to bank lending. The central bank recently convened the 5 state-owned big firms and 12 joint-stock bank executives and loan balance, general manager, held a meeting to convey the housing credit of commercial banks, real estate regulation of the spirit of the meeting. Specifically, the central bank requires commercial banks to treat the property market, strengthen the credit structure adjustment, strengthen housing credit management, control of the relevant loan risk. Earlier, the central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said in Washington, the recent part of Chinese city prices rose faster, China government attaches great importance to and actively take measures to promote the healthy development of the real estate market, also said on credit growth control. After the property market regulation policy, the stock market or an important option for funds. CITIC card chief economist Zhu Jianfang believes that in recent years, seesaw effect between the stock market and the housing market funds more obvious. The recent stock market has been around 3000 shocks, in the short term, once prices peaked, the stock market may be an important option for funds. Agency: 10-11 month window is still a rebound shortly after the market, the stock index yesterday and ECG trend, all day long around the previous day’s closing point within a narrow range, eventually closed slightly up 0.09% at the end of the day trading, at 3061.34 points, full amplitude only 0.4% K to achieve six yang. Two city turnover is still in the doldrums, the total turnover of 432 billion 100 million yuan, the industry sector mixed. Yang Delong, general manager of Qianhai open source fund company, said four相关的主题文章: