12 year old boy suffering from leukemia was donated by the need for 300 thousand families do not give up – in the history of the school in. China News Network September 19th Harbin 12 year old Shi Xuanhao was admitted to hospital for acute lymphoblastic leukemia in June 23rd, the high cost of treatment to make Shi Xuanhao a helpless. Early treatment in addition to spend their savings at home and abroad to borrow from relatives, Harbin primary school teachers and students as Shi Xuanhao Jiang Yan raised more than 7 yuan, are easy to raise and many caring people donated more than 5 yuan. At present, Shi Xuanhao is currently undergoing chemotherapy, need to wait until October for a bone marrow transplant, after the ordinary family has been a lot of people to help, but the cost of about 300000 bone marrow transplantation and subsequent treatment of high cost to make them again in a dilemma. Child mother Zhou Guoling said, although there is still a long way to go, but it is difficult to give the child to continue treatment, never give up. Shi Xuanhao in hospital for treatment. Has spent about 200000 yuan treatment fee we did not think how the child will get leukemia, he has been very good to the body, but also not picky, he is so small, there are a lot of things to do before." Zhou Guoling said, married ten years, home also have some savings, but she is just an ordinary worker, a monthly salary of two thousand, laid off wife for five or six years, usually is introduced by a friend to do some odd jobs and power engineering. Family income to maintain the cost of living can be, but the child suddenly sick need a large medical expenses. The children from the onset to now, has spent about 200000 yuan treatment fee of 70 thousand yuan, which is Harbin Yanjiang primary school teachers and students for Shi Xuanhao donations, there is a part of Zhou Guoling and his wife borrowed from relatives and friends. They are also friends with the help of the network with easy to raise 50 thousand yuan, and the rest is the home of the original deposit. "Can borrow are borrowed, but bone marrow transplant costs is not forthcoming, the initial about 300000 yuan, the success rate of bone marrow transplantation in 70% to 80%, in all normal circumstances, the latter also needs four million treatment costs, hope to have good people to help us." Shi Xuanhao’s mother, said Zhou Guoling. Shi Xuanhao with the nurse needle. Sudden fever diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia Shi Xuanhao 12 years old this year, in June graduated from primary school. In mid May day, Shi Xuanhao suddenly said, leg pain, and then began to fever, Zhou Guoling took the children to the hospital inspection, the results showed that the anti European index high, and all symptoms consistent with the symptoms of rheumatic fever. After a period of treatment has improved, who knows half a month after Shi Xuanhao was released from the hospital and began to have a fever, Zhou Guoling took him to the Harbin Medical University Hospital, "at that time is the result of rheumatic fever, June 23rd when leaving the hospital, the doctor told me that all children are not normal blood." Zhou Guoling said that after the bone was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and then transferred to the Department of hematology. The child’s body has been very good, from small to large did not hit the needle, even if the disease is just at home to take medicine like, how will get leukemia." Until now, Zhou Guoling can not believe that their children will get leukemia, but also from the age point of view is also high相关的主题文章: