The girl on the way home lost contact 13 days after the chat software pop-up I was kidnapped (lost contact with the girl Fang Qin.) Original title: Guiyang 15 year old girl lost contact with the QQ after the date of the pop up kidnapped police intervention Fang Qin, aged 15, who lives in Guiyang Baiyun District, third grade students. October 26th evening suddenly lost contact with his family, so far, the phone has been shut down. The evening of November 8th, her chat software pops up a message, saying: "save me, I was kidnapped, soon dropped and chat software. The girls lost to 13 days the phone has been shut down live King Road, Baiyun District Fang Guangxun, this year only 50 years old, looks very bad mental state. "These 10 days, I don’t do anything, every day looking for a daughter, but a little news also didn’t get, body tired heart tired." The reporter saw that moment, we wish Guangxun these 10 days to find all sorts of concerns about her daughter and sad that finish, but when it comes to the half, he choked up. Fang Guangxun said that so far, has not let him want to understand is that the daughter lost contact, the family did not quarrel with her daughter, did not find any unusual behavior of her daughter. However, in the evening of October 26th, her daughter in a monk near a restaurant after dinner, on the way back to relatives lost contact. These days, I do not know how their children?" Father Fang Guangxun think of her daughter lost contact with the 10 Yu Tian, tears have been playing around the eyes. The 10 day, the daughter under the phone has been turned off, but, one family had to diverge, Fang Qin’s brother brother around the school and monk slope area looking, and Fang Guangxun is looking for her classmates and teachers inquire about the situation. However, 10 days, without any information about the news of her daughter, one family at night. Chat software pop-up help information scared a family girl lost contact had let a family worried. In the evening of November 8th, a message on the girl chat software is to make a person creepy. Originally, in 8, 11 in the evening, fangqin chat, suddenly on the line, her dialog box to her classmate sent such a message: "save me, I was kidnapped, I don’t know where it is, let my boyfriend." At this time, her classmates let her send a position to come over, but the other party has no hair, and said he was found by others, then, lost contact again. Mobile phone out of distress information. When father Fang Guangxun saw the news, anxious to know what to do. However, the authenticity of this information and is not a square I made a big brother aroused suspicion. If it is issued by the younger sister, why not directly positioning over? If the kidnappers, why not mention the problem of money. In this regard, the family is difficult to distinguish. "I’m worried about my daughter falling into the wrong hands." Father Fang Guangxun believes that whether the information is true or false, now he is most worried about her daughter is a bad man, forced her to do she do not want to do, even the bad things, the old party has been anxious puzzled. Kay相关的主题文章: