16 years old girl left home angry sitting on the roadside with morning Taiwanese network (micro-blog) November 4th hearing (Taiwanese network (micro-blog) reporter Liang Jundong correspondent Hong Qing Yavin Figure) because of trouble with their parents and runaway girl Lynn, after police heart after painstaking persuasion, in the morning at about three out of the police station and come home with her mother. Yesterday at 0 PM, Shishi Public Security Bureau, the police station received a public warning, said a girl sitting alone in the village pond Baogai town highway roadside, may be lost. Police on duty rushed to the scene, saw a girl sitting on the side of the road, because the weather is cold late at night, wearing a thin girl with the whole people, trembling, approached the police began to communicate with the girl, but the girl did not speak, the police decided to bring it back to the police station. Back to the police station, the police talk, to enlighten so good at giving systematic guidance, one hour, two hours, three hours later, the girl finally take the initiative to the police to tell the truth. According to the girl tells himself, Lynn, 16 year old, who lives in Hanjiang, today as a result of conflict with their parents under a home, don’t want to go home and she doesn’t know where to go, can only sit on the side of the road, the police immediately contact with Lynn parents. Police remind: parents should usually strengthen communication with their children, in the growth of rebellious children should be patient education, guidance. In the police persuasion, the girl finally went home and mother. (South Fujian network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: