2016 super team’s relegation at the end of the round out the echelon situation analysis of complex – [guide] Beijing sports Sohu in October 26th, 2016 Super League will start the twenty-ninth round of the tournament, super league standings are still 6 teams may downgrade, the situation this year is the history of the most super echelon complex one, 2016 Super League team’s relegation may will be announced before the final round. Source: tiqiu recommended reading: Hengda and Suning, which is more money to two players worth a total of up to 650 million yuan in 2016 will be relegated to two teams in the twenty-ninth round tonight at the same time, in addition to the Shenhua home court and national security, Suning home court and Hengda 2 field on the will, the remaining 6 games all have relegation in the team. Among them, the deputy squad Yongchang away against only 6 points more than their own Yanbian, the current round of the world’s most watched by a game, if Yongchang is likely to be ahead of the 1 round of relegation. We need 1 points ashore Jianye against the scoreboard from the bottom second Yatai and scoreboard from the bottom third of Greentown, is facing the guest just ushered in a victory over china. In addition, Yanbian Jianye and China is likely to act as a judge, R & F will determine the fate of Liaozu Luneng, facing the Lifan home court win ironclad Baoji, draw the need to look at other number results. TEDA and Hong Kong contest, the former to the latter to avoid relegation and Shenhua for third place. 6 echelon war triggered at any moment since the last round of the game, the bottom of the rankings, Yongchang ranked second of all Yatai win, and ranked third Greentown also from Shenhua who grabbed 1 points, which also led to 33 points, and Yanbian Luneng TEDA all being dragged into the relegation mire. But in comparison, Luneng, TEDA and Yanbian Yatai all leading up to 4 points, the victory will definitely avoid relegation, but even as long as the last 3 teams in the game to their advantage may also result ashore. Moreover, Yanbian Luneng TEDA and round all home court battle, in addition to the port of BIG4 in TEDA, Luneng is in the face of desirelessness lifan. Yanbian is facing the vice squad leader Yongchang, which for both sides is a life and death battle. The same situation is grim, Greentown Yatai guest competition, in the face of Pellegrini Greentown China happiness, the last round opponent just got a 5-0 victory would stop the decline. Relatively Yatai against the Jianye, as long as 1 points under the survival state and much fighting to make the world a suspicious, especially the last round of Yatai away in stoppage time to kill the distant foot, let the game is full of suspense. After the defeat Yatai home court, the distant foot to face away as long as R & F, definitely win Liaozu avoid relegation, but the last one of the season’s home court bodied definitely want to give the fans a satisfactory ending, with Harvey (data) led the offensive end is necessary to guard against liaozu. Opponents without desire? The port runner up for decimating fifth although there is no relegation pressure for China, and the team lost AFC Champions League qualification, known as the "light of heart from care" team, but the team avoid relegation round opponent also has a lot of ideas and the team. TEDA volume相关的主题文章: