3 UN staff were kidnapped – International – people.com.cn original title in Darfur: 3 UN staff were kidnapped in Khartoum in November 28, the Xinhua news agency in Darfur (reporter Li Ziheng) 3 staff members at the UNHCR office in Sultan for 27 days in the vicinity of West Darfur state capital Geneina by unidentified armed men kidnapped. West Darfur state spokesman told Xinhua News Agency reporters in a telephone interview that the kidnapping occurred at 27 pm local time, a group of armed men broke into the refugee agency in the local office, kidnapped 3 staff after driving away. It is reported that the West Darfur state security departments and police have traced the kidnappers, and ready to determine the location of the hostages were rescued after being detained. Recently, a spate of kidnappings occurred in the Darfur region of Sultan. 4 Sultan staff members of the United Nations and the African Union in Dahl sent a delegation of 24 foult in South Darfur state by unidentified armed men kidnapped, released after a few hours. It is understood that the local armed men kidnapped international humanitarian workers and the United Nations peacekeepers, in addition to robbery and ransom money. Sultan’s security forces have stepped up security patrols against militants and refused to pay any ransom for the kidnapping. (Yan Meng, Bai Yu: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: