3 year old daughter will not speak! It was because my parents loved it! Sohu maternal and child now, the phone has become a necessity for people to work to work, work to play! A lot of young mom and dad can’t stop with a cell phone! This does not, there is a pair of parents, playing mobile phones every day, the results of the child three years old will not be called! Why don’t you open your mouth? Slurred speech, speak fluent, knotted eyes do not express meaning with gestures, what it means? Combined with the specific case, director of Zhejiang University Health Care Department of Shao Jie children hospital of. From the nanny, parents have little interaction at the age of 3 has small beauty director Shao Jie will not speak each clinic, about 1/3 of parents for children to speak is a problem, the entire department each year related to the development of the diagnosis and treatment of patients with speech and language for thousands of cases. A few days ago, Shao Jie, director of a small patient came to the United States and the United states. Good family economic conditions, parents are busy working, she brought up by the nurse. Mom and dad came home from work, although the United States and the United States together, but used to play their own iPad or mobile phones, less interactive. 3 years old the United States and the United States has not yet called parents, the results, the United States and the United States have language development disorders. In recent years, more and more autistic children. According to statistics, there are 166 children in each of the United States, there are 1 autistic patients, the incidence of autism statistics vary in China, in recent years, an increase of 20. The etiology of autism may be related to genetic. In general, autism in 16~30 months of age gradually apparent. Of course, there are some children in infancy there are obvious barriers to communication, when parents find their children lack of interaction with others, it should be vigilant." Director Shao Jie pointed out that autism is the key to early detection and intervention. She stressed the concept of a high quality of parent-child time. Take the United States and the United States for a while, although her parents work and the United States and the United States stay together, but they play Ipad, get along with the quality of time is not high. "Quality time together, which parents keep some time with their children during the day, make the appropriate response to the needs of children, make children laugh and talk with children, reading a book or singing, more interactive, to promote the healthy growth of children." Children with language development disorders must be found in time to find the cause of the child’s language development disorders, to find the cause of the disease, such as hearing impairment, mental retardation, otherwise it will leave a lifetime of regret. Shao Jie, director of years of experience, summed up the following, parents must pay attention to. First, ears sick. Children learn, first of all, we must hear the voice to imitate the sound, pronunciation, and understand the language, and then speak. Can’t hear, nothing to talk about. In addition, listening to speak "acuity", can not hear clearly heard. If you can’t hear clearly, it will lead to the development of the language and the construction of the voice disorder. Two, abnormal brain development. Brain injury, mental retardation, often accompanied by language development disorders. Three, oral tongue, lips, teeth and jaw movement or with a problem. The nasal, oral resonance problems, will cause slurred speech, the doctor called "said:相关的主题文章: