37 "legend". Play the game really send cash popularity anchors round them, brain hole than a black hole, a method of traversing dimension; they approach than many ideas, limbs developed, more developed mind; their curiosity is large enough, the entire world will close at the foot; they can also be born, habits single-handed. Gregarious Meng da! They are, are you familiar with the tiger anchor Sao male "," Dragon King – electric anchor a Pharaoh ", and" Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Betta anchor anchor "and" DG women’s team, flash monarch ", such a powerful anchor lineup with onlookers, what happened? Play the game to send cash: Betta TV anchor Deep-Fried Dough Sticks [] not dazzling popularity anchors onlookers "Sun Yang don’t cry", not "Fu Yuanhui expression package", not "women’s power"; not "BMW divorce", "Bing Bing is not a sister of the dispute, nor is the entertainment of many small meat color value PK. But?? 37 "legend" threatened the dominance secondary dry ticket big, not only a myth knife 88, more play the game to send cash benefits, not only have Du Haitao Shen Mengchen on this variety CP for their sound, all circles more anchor sacred onlookers back, indeed deserved "with strength speak, speak with the facts". The Dragon live next Pharaoh [37] unrestrained western style WeChat red "legend" br "energy-saving" strong on the line, a series of heavily built platinum privilege continued to force the best equipment easily burst, send more wayward gourmet materials "one knife, up 88 seconds", a full set of luxury generous experience God installed 100% drop. If this is not enough suction eye, and return the proportion as high as 30% of the "million ingot feedback" activities to enlarge strokes; more game player is tempted, in the open service within 64 hours, enter the "BOSS send cash" activities, kill all designated BOSS, but also get real WeChat cash envelopes. Call boss to send cash [] is nice to win as everyone knows, has become a popular live voice "Easy Access", and those who live in the community to leader has become the leader of the wind, the game entertainment. The 37 "legend". Play the game really send cash, not only successfully attracted many onlookers more popularity anchors, so many popular anchor fought Webpage Game position. Like the 37 "legend br", not only has the quality of play of the old legend of IP, and various activities long-term operation, operation is simple and straightforward experience. The star camp and popular anchor experience and help out, the knife up 88 seconds "and" play the game to send cash "activities alone beautiful mountains and rivers. WeChat red "legend" is the 37 game. Aurora network of independent research and development, and get the grand theme of legend of genuine licensed ARPG web games. Legendary classic game set, and strive to bring the player’s legendary experience. The game’s characters, monsters are made of high quality model of the new design of the action is more natural, delicate and vivid image; fine grand game scene, the sound clear, create a good atmosphere of the game, feeling very into;.相关的主题文章: