5 strokes to change children food habits – maternal Sohu in daily life, we have to consider for the baby, the child standing on the way being forced the food into the mouth feeling. In fact, eat less does not mean that the child is still hungry, let them eat happy, more conducive to digestion. If your child is picky eaters, teach you 5 strokes to change children food habits. If your child is picky, so parents should make the following changes: 1 when eating about conditions some parents to the temptation to promote children to eat, for example, tell the child as long as you have a good meal, I will give you what to buy toys ", it makes children feel. Dinner is a bad thing, gradually become reluctant to eat. Even some children will eat to coerce parents, to complete their desire to buy something. 2 do not have rules to restrain the child in the education of children, do not give children to set rules, for example, must eat at a few points, you must eat what food, you must eat how much. In life, you may wish to use a snack to learn about your baby’s eating habits, the choice of high nutritional value of food for children to eat. If the child does not like to eat, do not use too many conditions to threaten the baby, for example, you do not eat carrots, you do not eat meat, this effect is not conducive to the baby’s diet. For children do not like to eat food, you can change a way to make the baby fall in love with it. 3 to teach children to be patient children from anorexia to eat well is a long process, not in a short period of time can be changed. Parents must be patient, do not see the child does not change the constant nagging, doing so will only make you in front of the efforts are in vain. Some children to change their eating habits take several months. 4 do not feed the child at the age of one and a half years to be able to eat their own, at this time, parents do not need to spend money to feed the baby to eat. But save the effort to clean up the mess for the baby. If you grew up in order to give him the habit of feeding, this approach will not be conducive to the development of children’s hand skills, so that he can not develop a good habit of eating. 5 change the attitude of the child to face the problem of eating, parents must change their attitude, eat less to let the child decide, do not give the child any pressure. Otherwise, it will let the children feel that eating is a task, no appetite, is not conducive to the absorption of nutrients in the body. More than a few strokes you are aware of it, for the sake of the children can grow up healthy, parents must be more demanding, in a healthy way to guide children to change the habit of picky eaters.   相关的主题文章: