Fill the "tiger tear" rules loopholes: Jiangsu channel: original title: "the tiger was ripped up the loopholes in the rules Beijing Badaling wild zoo tiger wounding and new progress: the families of the victims of the incident sound review said at the time, women get off because of sickness rather than quarrel, and failed to get off the rescue patrol officers questioned. Garden side responded that, from the park operating standards, there is no mistake, no one can not get off in the beast area. Whether out of ignorance or not, get off at the zoo wild beast area, this behavior itself is the rule of indifference and contempt for public opinion, it is not on the side. The lack of rule consciousness has taught people a heavy lesson. The fear of obeying the rules is responsible for you as well as for others. From another point of view, everyone should abide by the rules, but in the actual design should be set aside a certain "redundancy", normal or emergency non security people and vehicles can be encountered in a controlled and safe environment. When the wildlife park develops this high-risk project and makes a profit on it, it must have an emergency plan and prevention system corresponding to its safety risk level. In this sense, the garden party actually did not do enough, at least not perfect in management. When the victim has the primary responsibility for his misconduct, whether the garden party can be completely exempted is a direction that can be further explored. People who don’t have rules have paid the price, and the loopholes in rules need laws and regulations to make up. The incident caused concern and controversy in the community, hoping to reflect and cultivate awareness of the rules, promote the improvement of industry management system and relevant laws and regulations, to avoid the tragedy happening again. (Chen Limin) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin)

补上“被老虎撕开”的规则漏洞–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:补上“被老虎撕开”的规则漏洞   北京八达岭野生动物园老虎伤人事件又有新进展:受害人家属发声回顾事发经过,称当时女伤者下车是因为晕车而非争吵,并质疑巡逻人员未及时下车施救。园方回应称,从园区操作规范来说并未有错,任何人都不能在猛兽区私自下车。   不管是出于无知还是无意,在野生动物园猛兽区下车,这种行为本身就是对规则的漠视和蔑视,大众舆论因此基本也不站在伤者这边。规则意识缺乏,给人们上了沉重的一课。敬畏遵守规则,既是对自己负责,也是对他人负责。   从另一角度看,所有人都应遵守规则,但在实际设计上应留出一定的“冗余度”,保障人、车辆等遭遇非正常或突发情况时也能处于一个可控、安全的环境下。当野生动物园开发这种高危项目并以此盈利时,必须具备与其安全风险程度相当的应急预案和防范体系。在这个意义上讲,园方实际所做的还不够,至少在管理上未臻完善。受害者因其不当行为而负有首要责任的同时,园方是否可以完全免责,是一个可以深入探讨的方向。   不守规则的人已付出代价,而规则漏洞需要法律和制度来补上。该事件在社会上引发关注和争议,希望能借此反思和培育规则意识,推动行业管理制度的改进和相关法律法规的完善,避免此类悲剧的再次发生。(陈立民) (责编:黄竹岩、张鑫)相关的主题文章: