Guangxi Douan occurred landslides killed 6 people – the Sohu news Xinhua Nanning February 8th news (reporter Xiong Hongming) in February 8th 1 pm, Jing County of Guangxi Du’an Sheng Xiang Fu De Cun Nong Ling Tun sudden landslides accident, 6 sleeping villagers killed. Reporters on the scene saw that the incident was a small village where 15 Yao people lived, and 4 houses were built under a stone hill of tens of meters high. Collapse from the top of the mountain, a large number of boulders, almost a house buried. Until noon that day, the mountain top still has the stone to fall from time to time, sends out the sound, sets off the smoke and dust billowing. Lan Huajing, a two – story cement house and pigsty, was destroyed by a boulder, and 6 people were buried under the ruins. Villagers told reporters, rescue personnel about half an hour after the incident arrived at the scene to rescue. Unfortunately, 12:25 to the end of the rescue, including blue Huajing, a family of 6 people was dug up, but have been killed. After the accident, Du’an County Government immediately launched emergency plans. At present, the aftermath of the accident is still under way, and the villagers who have damaged houses have been placed in safe areas. Author: Xiong Hongming (source: Xinhua News Agency)

广西都安发生山体崩塌6人遇难-搜狐新闻  新华社南宁2月8日专电(记者熊红明)2月8日1时许,广西都安瑶族自治县菁盛乡福德村弄岭屯突发山体崩塌事故,6名正在熟睡的村民不幸遇难。  记者在现场看到,事发地是一个有15户瑶族群众居住的小山村,4户人家的民房就建在一座数十米高的石头山下面。从山顶垮塌下来大量的巨石,几乎将一栋房子掩埋。直到当天中午,山头不时还有石头滑落,发出阵阵响声,掀起烟尘滚滚。  村民蓝华京家一栋两层的水泥房、猪圈等被巨石冲毁,一家6口人被埋在了废墟下面。村民告诉记者,救援人员约在事发后半个小时就赶到现场展开救援。遗憾的是,至12时25分救援结束,包括蓝华京在内的一家6口人虽然被挖出,但均已不幸遇难。  事故发生后,都安县委、县政府及时启动突发事件应急预案。目前,事故善后工作仍在进行中,房屋受损的村民已经在安全地带进行安置。  作者:熊红明 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章: