Two young men because of emotional problems affray, 17 years old by a rival chopped, recently, Jiangdu Xindu north railway station near a affray case occurred. 17 year old pan and another young man, because of love problems on the Internet altercation, actually met in Xindu railway station entrance negotiations. Let Panmou did not think that his, was more than a knife. At present, the public security organs have been placed on file for investigation, and the relevant circumstances of the case are still under investigation. Pan, 17 years old, Jiangdu people, is reading high school, have a girlfriend. Not long ago, pan found his girlfriend with other men ambiguous chat record, very angry, then the man deleted. After being deleted by pan, the man soon discovered, and came to the door, adding pan and its theory". Two people do not agree, contradictory escalation, agreed angrily, at the gate of the Jiangdu Railway Station 11 negotiations. On the 11 day, pan took a friend of his own, as if came to the gate of the railway station. What he didn’t expect was that the other party had seven or eight people, and they had machetes and other lethal weapons. Then the two began negotiations. But not a few words, then talk about collapse, the other side took out machetes directly to pan cut, pan body was a knife, then sent to hospital. By the doctor’s diagnosis, Pan’s arm, back, buttocks have a lot of wounds, wounds deep bone, his friends were also a few knives. Currently, pan is still in the hospital for treatment. Recently, the Jiangdu police said, the public security organs have been the case for investigation, investigation and related personnel arrest and other work in progress. Extended video: nothing to do with the original text. Beijing: lovers break up and gather together to fight

两小伙因感情问题聚众斗殴 17岁少年被情敌砍伤近日,江都新都北路火车站附近发生了一起聚众斗殴案件。17岁的潘某与另一男青年,因恋爱方面的问题在网上发生口角,竟相约在新都北路火车站门口见面谈判。让潘某没想到的是,自己这一去,竟被多人持刀砍伤。目前,公安机关已立案侦查,案件相关情况还在进一步调查中。潘某,今年17岁,江都人,正在读高中,有一个女朋友。不久前,潘某发现自己女朋友与其他男子暧昧的聊天记录,十分愤怒,便将该男子删除了。被潘某删除后,该男子很快便发觉了,并找上门来,加了潘某与其“理论”。两人一言不合,矛盾升级,一气之下约定,于11日在江都火车站门口谈判。11日当天,潘某带着自己的一个朋友,如约来到火车站门口。让他没想到的是,对方竟然带了七八个人,且都带着砍刀等凶器。随后,两人开始谈判。但没说几句,便谈崩了,对方直接拿出砍刀向潘某砍来,潘某身上挨了多刀,随后被送往医院。经医生诊断,潘某的手臂、背部、臀部有多处伤口,伤口深可见骨,他的朋友也挨了好几刀。目前,潘某仍在医院接受治疗。近日,江都公安发布通告称,目前公安机关已针对该起案件立案侦查,相关侦查及人员缉捕等工作正在进行中。扩展视频:与原文无关。 北京:情侣分手 聚众斗殴相关的主题文章: