The quality of primary school junior high school exams will start the reporter learned yesterday, according to the "notice", the Provincial Department of education on 2016 to do the compulsory education students’ academic quality monitoring work, this month will carry out compulsory education students’ academic quality monitoring in Jiangsu Province sixth, monitoring work this year in the county (city, district) for the unit sampling. The test object is four and 92 grade 2016-2017 school year, the test content for the questionnaire survey and examination of two parts, the test results will be used as an important reference for the performance evaluation of school teaching. The reporter understands, the test object for the vast majority of the fourth grade students (the fourth grade primary school students (grade nine) and the third grade of junior high school), the number of students in each school to take the test account for most of the total number of students, the specific list by the provincial examination randomly. According to past practice, grade four students took part in the three grade Chinese and mathematics test, grade nine students to participate in the Chinese language, mathematics, English and Science (Physics, biology, geography) test in grade eight. The school principal is tested and the vice president in charge of teaching to fill a "principal" questionnaire; all Chinese and math teachers answered "the fourth grade primary school teachers questionnaire; grade nine of all Chinese, mathematics, English teachers in the school and test all junior middle school science teacher (Physics, biology and geography teacher) to fill in a questionnaire of middle school teachers"". What are the specific tests? The reporter understands, the connotation of the primary and secondary school quality includes not only the students the basic knowledge and basic skills but also the necessary level of primary and secondary school students the requirements of the development of the times of the information collection and processing, independent access to knowledge, analysis and problem solving, exchanges and cooperation, innovation spirit and practical ability as the core literacy. The students’ questionnaire focuses on the students’ learning environment, learning motivation, learning burden and pressure, and the school curriculum. The contents of the questionnaire include the basic situation of the students, the school environment, learning pressure, the relationship between teachers and students, learning motivation, self-confidence and learning methods. The contents of the questionnaire include the basic situation of the teachers, such as the qualifications, experience, title, teaching methods, teachers’ evaluation of the school teaching management, teaching concepts and professional development of teachers. The contents of the principal’s questionnaire survey include the principal and the basic situation of the school, the principal’s teaching leadership, the autonomy of running a school, the state of the curriculum and the professional support for the teachers. (reporter Liu Ying)相关的主题文章: