People’s Daily: on the capital needs of Polaris Spirit — view he is capital of an ordinary police. Died of illness, the school teachers and students spontaneously lined up, community residents to hold to, don’t send. A year later, the children did not forget the "police grandfather", the capital of the people have not forgotten him. His story, sublimated into a kind of spirit, the spirit of the capital police called bora. Polaris is enthusiastic spirit, the spirit of serving the people. People love and care is high, Bora’s work characteristics, to his childhood idol Lei Feng, and it runs through the pursuit of life. Love and caring, patience and perseverance, so that his extraordinary work has become a great pursuit; make him one extraordinary moment, into the hearts of the people of eternal warmth. Polaris is police fearless spirit, the spirit of play. Standing on the most close to the masses of the post, he put his work as a link between the party and the government to the masses. Dedication, diligence, such a spirit of play, made him start work very active. In his daily work, he took the initiative to extend the work of responsibility, can manage things up, tube up, can not get up, together to find ways to solve, there are places where he, we are assured. Polaris is spirit, dare to face the new contradictions, good management in accordance with the spirit of innovation. Medical trouble, illegal business…… With the new problems of social change, community management has become a recognized difficulty. Some contradictions, the accumulation of time, emotional Ningba also get stubborn. Gao Baolai with wisdom and enthusiasm to carry out creative work, not only embodies the dignity of law, but also full of human temperature. Community governance is the basis of urban management. At present, power management and law enforcement forces sinking, collaboration to promote community governance is an ongoing reform, this reform needs to warm the hearts of the Polaris spirit, salutary influence of education, blossom everywhere. "People’s Daily" (08 2016 25 August 04 Edition) (commissioning editor Liu Juntao and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: