Kuang’s point: the global stock market suffered bloodbath take more than 1 thousand and 253 Sina opens the gold hedge fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Most of the time we are envious of others, however, when we really understand others will find that, in fact, everyone’s life has a lot of frustration. The real power is not to conquer, but to bear. A lot of people in the market game profitable we thought depends on the technology, and we believe that in addition to professional technology, the rest is mind and tolerance, to insist, get rid of the wrong, the market is not allowed to risk, but to just perfect attack, when the direction of the world for you. Interest rate hike is a foregone conclusion, but gold and silver disc still tries to repair short technology, the last trading day of the week, should go to. The impact of the news: Although the micro rose yesterday ushered in gold and silver, bottoming out, but the rally is still unstable, overall is still in office. It is understood that the RMB devaluation, foreign trade shrinking, risk aversion may have made the gold get up support, coupled with the global stock markets plunged, many investors have withdrawn from the stock market, the conversion to the gold market, gold prices fell, reflecting the outside world, let everyone see the opportunity, and ETF investment funds mainly from China." So you’re still worried about the price of gold up? I think it is just a matter of time, again yesterday EIA digging, crude oil prices fell in early trading, technology continues to see below: an analysis of gold weekly trend figure: gold in early trading; just the interpretation that many news are down to the price of gold in the support price, the price of gold is now at the top of 1255, early to the main shock, the interest rate may be postponed to in December, during which the bulls should be ready, yesterday the layout of our more than 1 thousand and 253 single in the top of the 1262 line are still holding Jiancang after, can be converted to the line positions, other operations back to step 1254 that we hold, midday can continue to play, not what to see, K constantly bottom at the same time, as long as ward 1250 is not broken, still can rebound next week. Yesterday morning: EIA crude oil data almost bad pit short, narrow the daily range, the pressure above the 50.5 below the support line 50, less than 50 of the space, until we follow ahead of the layout of the empty, almost suffered stops at 50.2 to continue opening empty, stop small, or avoid loss orders, finally, determined to see the data bad, to win a bureau, the price of crude oil was dropped to 49.4 on successful homeopathic data only after today’s operation, or low altitude air pressure 51 chance. Baiyin # morning, 17.4 more into silver yesterday morning is our proposal, it is almost the lowest yesterday at this location near, today the trend continued in 17.4 above, has been entering the friend can hold good, but also some start early, 17.5 transactions, can also be a good time, we continue to see a rebound yesterday, silver walk faster than gold readily, simply fallen faster, after the repair, the next on相关的主题文章: