The debt of the misunderstanding and suggested that sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The debt of the misunderstanding and suggested that Wang Jian is essentially a kind of debt restructuring, and creditors into shareholder identity, a way of reorganization and participation in corporate governance, the enterprise will produce transforming influence since early 2016, Premier Li Keqiang again bank debt since the debt has been paid attention by the market, more discussion. On the whole, debt as a way to dispose of non-performing assets, mainly for some of the problems have serious difficulties of enterprise. Of course, it is not a conventional means, its priority in the liquidation, disposal of collateral and other conventional means. That is to say, after failure of conventional means, the bank will consider the use of debt. Debt is essentially a corporate restructuring, and creditors into shareholder identity, a way of reorganization and participation in corporate governance, will have the influence to the enterprise reborn. About the debt of some misunderstanding of our last round of SOE reform and the policy of non-performing assets disposal process, once the policy of debt, then the market debt debit and free negotiation equity have occurred. International, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Korea and other countries or regions have implemented debt. Therefore, debt is not what new things. But the current financial market and the public understanding of bank debt, but very vague, have big differences, some of them are not understood, some are misunderstood. This situation is not conducive to the implementation of prudent debt, it is necessary to guide the interpretation, so as to form a rational expectation of debt, for the parties to advance. One: the bank debt as the enterprise one of the most common default view that bank debt is the enterprise also do not deny the. This view, there is a misjudgment on the banks involved in the debt of the opportunity cost, the loan principal as the cost of debt. Here, we use a fictitious example to illustrate. Assume that a bank has made a loan of 100 million yuan to a company, then the poor business, not only can not repay the loan, even the normal operation of a problem (assuming no malicious taofeizhai situation). The bank in the conventional disposal of non-performing loans (means of recovery and disposal of collateral, ordinary debt restructuring) are under the condition of failure, only bankruptcy, debt to equity swap two options. If the direct bankruptcy, so about 10% can only recover (which is still relatively optimistic assumptions, in reality the bankruptcy liquidation, creditors often take less than 10%), not only to recover the bank loan interest rates will lead to little, unemployed workers, local government tax losses and GDP, the parties "lose lose", so is the last no way the way. The second scheme is debt, if successful, the bank is likely to recover more money, but it is also possible that the reorganization fails, finally take back 10%. So for the banks, the opportunity cost of debt of 100 million yuan loan principal, absolutely not. Because the discussion of debt to equity swap enterprises, affirmation相关的主题文章: