Early awl face tired, Lin Yun so popular now face a virgin! When you hear a virgin face, you’re starting to think about the dirty stuff! Actually, tired of watching the awl face, we feel qingshuichufurong maiden face, who looks very innocent, temperament is very pure, innocent expression manner seemed will make people have to face can’t help protect! Virgin face predecessors "under the Hawthorn Tree" in Dongyu Zhou, quiet autumn pure really burst table, still have to say really like this face their heroine in the movie, "return" of Zhang Huiwen in the same style, "left ear" in Chen Douling is a hexagram, once with a clean and vacant face defeated the tea sister, Huang Cancan and other well-known national aspirations of the first campus Belle campus belle. However, Miss Young feel most in line with the virgin face features as well as the forest after the P map! In the "Mermaid" in black long straight collocation pure face has been very good, after the photo was picture elements meet the pure virgin face, especially the group photo, to P map division award 100 legs are not enough, the Wuli Lin Yun real life from the ordinary female living thick waist P. 13 pure beauty girl. But whether it’s P or not, you have to admit that it looks really good, whether men or women love it! This is not Lin now have followers, the small net red name called Kobayashi allow, point into her space to see Miss Young almost face blindness, this is really not Lin allow me? Eyebrows, eyes, face and hair are 10 fen… [fashion] now popular Lin Xu, Wu Qian such a virgin face! What are the characteristics of virgin face? The face can be a small round face can also be oval but definitely not awl face, such as the Chen Douling Dong Jie oval, round face, round face and face with Dongyu Zhou, and the special small face of Li Qin. The virgin face of the eye is characterized by wisdom, Yui Aragaki such a small double, such a small parallel double, and their inner corner of the eye are not sharp, but the circle of the Oh, and so on, and so on, and so on, but also in the eyes of the. Another important feature of the virgin face is the wide eye distance. This will give people a pure and innocent feeling, Lin Xu is a good example, as well as Miss Young like a Yan IU sister. The opposite eye distance near corner tip often give people looks beautiful feeling ~ of course is adjusted, Lin Yun once eyes and now the eyes have slight differences than it is, once the swollen upper eyelid single eyelids, has now become a very natural small parallel fold. IU girl, eyes more changes, from the pure small single lidded eyes into a small fan-shaped fold, only the deer fairy temperament. The nose is more characteristic of virgin face original, perfect nose are not small, such as Lin Yun’s nose is strictly a little big, IU’s nose is not ideal high nose, but just because there is so little flaws it is more natural! Then a few years ago recognized beauty is awl face popular, each painting synophrys, eyes are all European parallel big eyes. However, this kind of thing is changing very quickly, no matter how we all相关的主题文章: