Foreign born LYNK & CO, can realize the Internet era car innovation – Sohu automobile life two, two students in three, three things. October 20th, Geely Automobile Group in Berlin, Germany issued a new high-end brand LYNK & CO. Do a vivid analogy, it is like a small city Chinese (Geely) married in the Nordic Princess (Volvo) six years later, gave birth to their new life "". A car through the details of the cause of great concern is the king, a day before the Berlin conference, Geely in Goteborg for the first time open to the media the Geely Automobile European R & D Center (CEVT) and other central Goteborg. Someone asked the car through Jun, LYNK & CO brand is a ghost? Why Geely spared no expense to start all over again? In fact, CEVT and Goteborg modeling center, is the LYNK & CO brand foundation. In other words, LYNK & CO brand is a pure European origin and European ancestry, European research and development (CEVT), Europe (Goteborg Design Center) design, leading CMA architecture, the LYNK & CO brand was born, it has emboldened shouted his position: "global brand, the best car, a." After the acquisition of Volvo, Geely really began operating "foundation", in addition to help Volvo in the global turnaround in the domestic, careful preparation of the 3 era is the rise of quality models, the global layout shape: including investment to build the world’s four largest styling center, the four major R & D Center and ten vehicle and engine and gearbox production base. So, LYNK & CO jumped out of the brand is not stone Sun Wukong, nor the lotus incarnation of the Na Zha, but Geely in Europe "the root active" a "natural childbirth". At this point, someone will ask: "there are so many brands in the world, do you need a new LYNK & CO brand?" Yes, if it is still the same as the traditional car brand development path, it must be slim chance. But if the path concept and totally different new brand at the beginning of it innovation in the birth to build, the result will be "There is a way out.". In this regard, we see the Geely Automobile Group of LYNK & CO brand consideration and the integrated look far ahead from a high plane, many new cars popular concept in recent years: including new energy, intelligent interconnection and Internet business model very character. The new CMA platform to achieve the new power from the traditional to the hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric switch, intelligent interconnection is promoted to the brand strategy, business model innovation is LYNK & and a CO label brand high-profile show people. Led by Volvo, Geely and Volvo jointly developed the CMA based modular architecture with a high degree of flexibility and scalability to meet a variety of body styles and相关的主题文章: