Big cousin go cute stickers 2D offbeat world "medicine" to cure your Sohu at the 2017 MOSCHINO women’s spring / summer show, Jeremy Scott is the inspiration from our first love that scrapbook paper in the game. Jeremy Scott this season with the famous American writer Jacqueline Susann went through her 1966 scandal novel alternative doll world. Like a childhood album sticker on it throughout the game, two-dimensional Bobbi sticker. [SOHU] a star studded big cousin cute cartoon stamp skirt shape to help MOSCHINO spring 2017 show, never thought the show had the "capsule" pills to cure cute. South Korea YG company 2NE1 Sandara Park woman combination Sandra park all the complicated elements of wear on the body, leopard, printing, fishnet stockings and everything. Take you to see the show [SOHU] MOSCHINO this season is like Rhapsody in exquisite detail and everyone courtesy — backpack dress on multi angle to show the vitality, and the white label paper dolls, let us linger and gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. The first stage is fine dress and slim straight dress, then suddenly rolled up a frenzy — Paper Doll changeable plasticity: those wearing a black underwear model seemingly casual clothing, actually have a version of type, have always made debut for. Red polka dots, chain decoration, anti war pacifism and Tactic bears the classic elements of logo. The coat lapel shoulder pads can see the hand of evil has been trimmed, the Moschino symbol of the golden chain and bear skirt, have been squeezed in the plane, creating a very unique visual effect. Jeremy Scott’s journey is not over yet. Pullovers and knitting, quilting and decorative metal chain Mini Leather Skirt, fake bikinis ketone, Desi Duke Logo fishnet stockings, biker jackets, sportswear, washing tannins…… Is this the real life, or is it a fantastic journey? From the CAPSULE series of capsule bag, backpack and dress, and a prescription box hand bag, all in a big hint to escape from real life. Finally, the controversial non realism evening finale debut! How delicate lines from 2D moment and rotation on the resurrection frozen, 3D stereo garments, preaching a walk in precision and deviation in the fashion game. From the front view, candy color and lotus leaf design brings a strong sense of reality and a strong sense of visual impact; and from the back, but returned to the original real white paper – paper dolls…… [2D] details watch gorgeous dress, flat diamond necklace, and beautiful decoration stickers accessories, pearl and metal flashing lubrication are printed in the fashion and not real, full of fun 2D handbags, colorful high heels, completely created a strange and subversive avant-garde fashion!相关的主题文章: