Medical research has proved that anti-aging, antihypertensive drink this tea! Sohu and review: 1985, Tea Research Institute of Yunnan province science and technology personnel, in the planting of about 600000 strains of Yunnan Dayezhong tea tea, found a bud, leaf and stem are purple tea. The fresh leaves of processed baked green tea for Green Tea, color purple, brewing after the soup is also purple, pure aroma, taste strong, special name: zijuan. First, the antihypertensive effect is particularly significant in 1991, Yunnan Province Institute of medicine "Zijuan" tea for animal experiment results show that the buck, "Zijuan" tea decreased (35.53%) than Yunnan Daye group for Green Tea (29.04%). Other than hypertension patients taking "Zijuan" tea, reflecting a good effect. The same year, the Yunnan Provincial Drug Research Institute senior engineer Lin Yongyue et al., weight 2.5 ~ 3.5kg were repeatedly buck experiment, results show that the amplitude of 35.53% Green Tea antihypertensive Zijuan, better than Yunnan Dayezhong Green Tea (29.04%). At present, the research of Yunnan Province, where the tea developed based on Buck Zijuan health tea, is to increase Zijuan tea varieties breeding, and expect Zijuan in weight loss, reducing blood sugar and other aspects of development and utilization. From 1999 to 2000, Yunnan Tea Institute of science and technology personnel to carry out the research shows: Zijuan flavonoids, caffeine, zinc, anthocyanin content control tea higher. Research shows that: Zijuan tea a high content of flavonoids, anthocyanins and zinc supernormal is the main material showing significant pressure. Map: South Beauty Tea "Zijuan two anti-aging effect" of anthocyanins, known as the "oral skin cosmetics" "skin" youth nutrition vitamin "". Every 100g that contains about 3.29g – Juan is currently found in most anthocyanins, the anthocyanin content of tea. Basically, anthocyanins are a powerful antioxidant. Anthocyanins can nourish the skin, so that the skin to restore the vitality of collagen, smooth and elastic. Anthocyanin can enhance skin immunity, promote the cure of psoriasis and speckles, greatly reduce the sun damage on the skin. Dr. Esti of Finland found in the experiment: the sun can kill 50% of human skin cells, but if the human body long-term absorption of anthocyanins, sun damage to human skin cells can be reduced to 15%. Three, the United States to the elegant tea because of high anthocyanin content, so the tea plant buds, stems, leaves are purple. Made of dried tea and tea after brewing is purple. So some people said: "Zijuan, is beautiful and elegant tea." The special Zijuan South Ming launched "Zijuan" Beauty — for example, to fully display the characteristics of tea tea tea: South Beauty Zijuan launched special tea "Zijuan", the raw materials from nannuoshan tender bud leaf refined – juan. Dry tea embellish of black with purple, slender and elegant, neat bands even, light smell wild honey; after brewing tea and soup color purple elegant; drink soup, full of fresh water smooth, delicate, because high anthocyanin content, slightly bitter taste; Yedi fresh purple brown "相关的主题文章: