This is a hybrid hybrid hybrid Camry engine double contrast accord – Sohu automobile Sohu E electric car park []2016 in September 28th (which is also the day before), Guangzhou Honda accord has just released a hybrid version of the price (23.98-27.98 million), and in September 29th the Pudong auto show, Honda accord Camry hybrid version already appeared on the stage, and in Guangzhou Honda booth across the street of the Guangzhou TOYOTA booth, old rival "Camry double engine" has finally ushered in its real competitors. But the biggest difference from the driving mode of i-MMD system, abandon the engine and electric motor to drive the wheel of the stage, three kinds of modes of it are pure electric powered by engine, pure electric and engine driven. That is to say, the driving mode of real i-MMD is only two, and electric engines, but most of the time but also the engine running, running just to the motor to provide power, does not provide power. The advantage of i-MMD is that the maximum use of the kinetic energy efficiency of the motor, this is any internal combustion engine can not match, just a cheap motor, are much higher than the complex structure, the production of precision to the energy efficiency of internal combustion engine. Another advantage is that the structure of i-MMD is simpler than THS-II a lot, but Honda also carried out on the i-MMD depth of miniaturization and lightweight design, so the whole i-MMD system of quality and volume is controlled very well, which is to ensure that the vehicle fuel efficiency and the most basic part of the root.   相关的主题文章: