The regulation of the shadow 19 developers pressure: over 70% with the amount in the regulation of city original title: regulation under the shadow of the 19 developers pressure source: China vision from the beginning of the continuation of the land market heat, not because the property market regulation and reduce the price to restart, the birth mechanism seems to be a continuation of inertia. October 13th, this year to get the most ferocious in Nanning and more than double the premium to grab a piece of land. China Merchants Shekou central enterprises that day to 168% of the premium rate to take place in Foshan. And from last year to stir up the property market situation is even more expensive to 7 billion 600 million yuan in Tianjin hit the king of the region. The property market regulation policy around the introduction of intensive housing prices did not seem to affect the enthusiasm, the fund is still ample business in Shanghai after the National Day holiday, Chengdu and other places to grab crazy mode, born out of a number of premium rate of more than 150% of the price. High land prices and the rapid rise in the price of hot cities, China’s property market policy has once again entered a period of adjustment, the real estate industry is the most prosperous cycle with the end of the regulation. According to the past development rhythm and cycle regulation of housing prices, most of this year’s King project may face a rapid market into the frozen period risk, and even the fate of ta. In the increasingly scarce land resources in the core city, the mainstream housing prices were once robbed of the king and unlimited scenery. According to Centaline Property Research Center data show that as of October 11th, the year to grab the most aggressive of the 19 large enterprises with the total amount of more than 700 billion yuan, which is equivalent to first-tier cities Shenzhen 2015 annual income level. The country more than 40% of the capital obtained by these 19 enterprises. Take these housing prices, the premium rate of more than 100% plots reached a total of more than $122, the total amount of more than 250 billion yuan, accounting for up to 36%. Crazy rush to lead to a sharp rise in costs, the average cost of these housing prices compared to last year, the average cost of housing prices increased by 52.8%. If the market does not adjust, high land prices will further push up prices, and then let the market pay. This is the latest round of the tide to take the most aggressive performance of the enterprise, as of now about 79 billion 400 million yuan to get the first place in all the housing prices, the premium rate of more than 100% of the land reached 23. If it is considered a large-scale mergers and acquisitions in the land market is currently more than 100 billion. Although the company’s sales scale will be crossed the billion mark, but how to prevent the next market risk adjustment period, Sun Hongbin faces enormous challenges. With ample funds and low cost advantages of the central enterprises, is considered to raise the premium of this round of premium. Is this round of China Jinmao cost housing prices get to boom in the highest, the average premium of up to 23 thousand yuan per square metre, overseas Chinese town land more than 20 thousand yuan per square metre. In addition, the central enterprises such as China electric power construction, Gezhouba Dam is also an active participant in this round of Wang boom. Large scale dare to get high, these housing prices have a future prices will continue to rise is expected, but the unexpected regulation will disrupt their deployment. With the institutional analysis, according to the cycle theory analysis, real theory相关的主题文章: