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| _ sina finance _ Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The United States Department of agriculture in August monthly supply and demand report on the presence of good news stimulation of oil, just to start the market played a catalytic role. It lowered the current annual production forecast of Indonesia and Malaysia palm oil, while the 20162017 year forecast unchanged. From the historical data, the current annual global vegetable oil inventory for the history of low value, and a steady increase in vegetable oil consumption demand, this report lowered global vegetable oil 20162017 year ending stocks to 18 million 130 thousand tons. Autumn and winter season is the edible oil consumption season, the end of the domestic consumption of domestic oil prices will have a lifting effect, although the current inventory to the situation is not ideal, resulting in a short term oil callback, but this is a good opportunity to enter the market. Oil imports will low oil pressure reducing the U.S. Department of agriculture report is expected to Chinese 20162017 annual soybean imports 86 million tons, in fact, as of July 2016 this year, a total of 46 million 320 thousand tons of soybean imports, still need to import 39 million 680 thousand tons of soybeans, the second half of the average monthly need to import 7 million 940 thousand tons, the total will reach the expected value, nearly five years China single January soybean imports more than 7 million 500 thousand tons mainly occurred in the last year during the 6 – December. Therefore, this year’s overall soybean supply pressure will be lower than expected. Every October is the traditional off-season soybean imports, the soybean price weakness of oil refinery in coastal area of China crush margins were dropped to negative, and the devaluation pressure still, U.S. soybean prices remain high in yield expectations, short-term traders to buy the ship will lower. In addition, due to concerns about the country to improve the supply of soybean storage auction, September, October Chinese oil to buy soybean imports is expected in September the total amount is too small, China amount of soybeans to Hong Kong is only 5 million 700 thousand tons in October, the latest forecasts at 5 million 800 thousand tons, only imports in November to recover to 7 million tons. Enter the port at the end of 8, soybean stocks relative decline significantly, as of September 2nd, the port inventory 6 million 616 thousand tons, meal oil supply pressure or fall short, feed soybean imports over the next few months will inventory continued to decline. At present, the domestic soybean oil, nearly 1 million 200 thousand tons of inventory still belongs to the high level, but with the cooler weather, the temperature and the overall decline, in September to enter the holiday mode, whether from seasonal or centralized procurement in terms of oil consumption environment is greater than that of palm oil. US soybean yield is expected to rise, supply is not optimistic South American soybean yield pattern of the impact on the market should not be overlooked, but to suppress the role of oil consumption has been limited. On the one hand, the supply problem of South America, initially expected next year the new season need to lift the soybean market tight supply pattern. The government of Brazil has said that it may need to import soybeans in the future, to maintain the domestic press industry, until the beginning of the new soybean market in 2017. Even if the US soybean production increased, but in view of the global theory相关的主题文章: