The teacher donated blood stem cell save a girl of 5 years old: the best gift – in the new network was born October 24, 2016, in Henan Province People’s Hospital, Zhengzhou Xingyang love teacher Zhang Kejun donated blood stem cells, contributed to the seeds of life to save a 5 year old girl with leukemia, become the 223rd Zhengzhou volunteer hematopoietic stem cell donors. This year, 33 year old Zhang Kejun is a primary school teacher in Xingyang, in November 2008 to join the Chinese hematopoietic stem cell donor database. In June 28, 2016, Zhang Kejun received Zhengzhou City Red Cross phone, learned that he and a 5 year old girl with leukemia with success, that is about a father who agreed to donate without thinking: "this is my best gift to the children born." And this day also happens to be Zhang’s 33 year old birthday. Smoothly through high-resolution matching, physical examination and other processes, Zhang’s donation time is scheduled for October 24, 2016. Thus, in his son had just done a full moon drunk, Zhang Kejun then left his wife and children, to Zhengzhou to donate matters. In this regard, Zhang Kejun said: "although at the expense of a few days with his wife and children, but can save a child’s life, I of course of duty, and donated over, I was a 5 year old daughter." With the teacher’s wife gave him a lot of support: I am proud of his behavior, to save a living life, what we do is very meaningful." Zheng financial media reporter Gu Changle correspondent correspondent Zhang Yuwen figure Ding Youming相关的主题文章: