Case classification let good steel used in the blade – Sohu comments recently, judicial reform frequently punches". In September 13th, the Supreme People’s Court promulgated the "Circular on further promoting the optimization of a number of opinions" case classification allocation of judicial resources, introduced 21 measures to promote the case classification, including the improvement of the service procedure, the pretrial conference play function, reform of the way, the implementation of judgment documents classification etc.. Why should the case for the implementation of "classification"? You may recall that in September 3rd, the NPC Standing Committee voted through the decision of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the supreme authority in the 18 city to carry out criminal cases "pleaded guilty to pilot penalty lenient" system. "Guilty penalty put" reform and the "classification", the two complement each other, there are a lot of association, the coincidence of the content, the purpose of the reform is to improve the efficiency of "justice". In fact, all countries under the rule of law are facing the so-called litigation explosion problem, the more perfect the rule of law, there will be more social conflicts into the litigation channels in the case of the formation of a surge in the court, the explosion of the situation. Justice is priceless, but there is a cost of justice, limited judicial resources, of course, can not be forced on average, but better steel used in the blade. Second, Chinese currently in promoting the "system of judges" reform, the professional and elite, also means that the number of judges is relatively streamlining, so we can not let the judge labor in mechanical and repeated judicial work. Third, in recent years, with the new "criminal procedural law" the implementation of the judicial organ with the procedure more and more restricted in the fight against crime, the judicial organs to collect evidence, accused of a crime in the difficulties increase exponentially, which may affect the efficiency of judicial resources. And the fight against crime and protection of human rights, can not be neglected. So, before the implementation of "guilty penalty lenient" reform, the Supreme Court Criminal Tribunal Shen Liang said: "this is to make a higher level in the unity of fairness and efficiency of the system and institutional arrangements", according to the defendant pleaded guilty or not, the case of difficulty and penalty the severity of the situation, "in the program classification". This time the supreme law of the "opinions" is not only involved in the criminal field, but in three areas of civil, administrative and criminal proceedings, and promote "classification". Including the "classification" means: through the pretrial conference proceeding, to solve the reconciliation, enhance the essence of the trial level; take "elements of trial" of simple civil cases; the defendant pleaded guilty to criminal cases simplified penalty case trial procedure; judicial documents of "downsizing", can be used in simple cases simple judgment etc.. In a word, is the case according to the degree of difficulty, the defendant pleaded guilty attitude, appropriately simplify procedures, let professional judges from the tedious and low level Labor liberated, will invest more energy in the complex of major cases. Of course, the "classification" reform and improve the judicial efficiency, some people will question "does not wash mud radish fast new problems. For example, in criminal cases a defendant guilty of light ", and there is no comprehensive evidence and facts, which may induce the old question inquisition by torture.相关的主题文章: