Migu coffee store opened in Xidan, opened a new era of Sohu and 3S – October 28th, Beijing Migu coffee shop opened in Xidan. Beijing coffee shop is Migu Migu company for young groups, the integration of their digital content resources, and all kinds of business activities, food delicacy, derivatives sales is one of the O2O experience. This brand of coffee shop as the prototype, the fusion of coffee culture and comfortable environment + business + interactive O2O experience model, is the first in the Beijing area, is expected in the future will become the city of fashion people a landmark consumption. The opening activities to convey the Migu Cafe new concept of 3S (Space, Service, Social) triggered widespread industry buzz, some experts predict that a new era of forward-looking 3S model will open the domestic coffee shop operators. The scene, Migu company chairman Liu Xin, the famous Korean coffee brand Coffine Gurunaru (abbreviation: CG) chairman Jin Enxi, Hongkong famous writer Zhang Xiaoxian and her emotional Migu Migu together for the user friendly coffee store opened in Xidan unveiled in Beijing. In addition, Migu also organized a special "happyreading coffee" met Zhang Xiaoxian, face to face interaction with readers, a warm response. China and South Korea combination, creating a younger and interesting space since September last year, Migu Suzhou coffee shop opened, Migu company has launched in-depth cooperation with the famous Korean coffee brand CG, to cater to the needs of young people, from the supply of raw materials, service standards, quality control processes and so on to ensure the provision of quality services to the overall taste of delicacy, from security professional quality Migu coffee, to allow customers to enjoy authentic Korean coffee at the same time, feel comfortable and interesting Migu coffee consumption environment. Migu coffee shop in Beijing will be more space to create upgrade. The layout of well-proportioned, not narrow and crowded, flexible and open seating area and private quiet meeting area and modern industrial wind mainly a variety of decoration style mix, more cross-border cooperation with CITIC Bookstore Bookstore, studio, hackerspaces meet young people’s needs and aesthetic taste of senior multicultural communication. It is reported that, following the October 28th Beijing store opened in Xidan this year, Migu coffee will also be in Chengdu, Shanghai, Xiamen, Nanjing, Hangzhou city opened a number of stores. Migu coffee is bound to become more mature and perfect space design, simple and fresh style and comfortable space to conquer more young consumers, young people become a fun space. Multi interest, differentiated service experience unique service is one of the popular coffee Migu Migu, coffee is not only committed to "I have excellent people, but also seeks to" I have no people". In addition to providing the most authentic Korean coffee, more the main novelty, fun, relaxed and comfortable, the growth of "humanistic idea, expand cross-border cooperation with CITIC bookstore, has more than 3000 volumes of books for CITIC (press). During the period from now until November 30th, the store will also carry out a series of Migu CITIC joint marketing activities: online, Migu client CITIC bookstore "the preferential purchase: CITIC Bookstore Migu client in all station.相关的主题文章: