Faster than the Uber: the world’s first driverless taxi in Singapore open road test Sina Technology News Beijing time on August 25th afternoon, a Singapore company called NuTonomy announced that they developed unmanned taxi to open the road test in Singapore, this is the world’s first open to the public test driverless taxi. Users can download NuTonomy applications, through the application of free car. At present, the test range is limited to the Singapore one technology city (One North) within 2.5 square kilometers of commercial areas, the test vehicle is limited to Renault Zoe and MITSUBISHI i-MiEV. At the same time, the vehicle needs to observe the performance of the system in the vehicle when driving, and take over the driving of the vehicle if necessary. NuTonomy is a commitment to unmanned technology start-up company, the company began to develop from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in May this year, the first round of financing up to $16 million. The company’s research and development of the taxi since April of this year in Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom to start internal testing, and is expected to reach the level of completely unmanned in 2018. (Yi Qun)相关的主题文章: