The first burn to make money out of capital to technology innovation with the Internet bonus period ended, the opportunity entrepreneurship mode in the past no longer rely on the demographic dividend, only rely on the burn, circle of users, talk about business profits is not the best model. Last year, the O2O project was sought after this year is optimistic about the sharp reduction in investment institutions is the best example. From the age of Internet traffic to the mobile Internet era, burn accumulate the user’s business model can not continue, for investors, is gradually out of the first burn to make money, it is really effective into commercial value mode. The second half of the Internet open from BAT to the U.S. group, the public comment to the taxi drops, the battlefield internet transfer from the PC to the mobile terminal, the two school of management and the Internet era bonus created: platform company and vertical type company faces different opportunities under the new situation. BAT and other platform based enterprises in the early accumulation of the user through the flow of traffic to be profitable, and with the majority of the traffic was carved up by giant enterprises, leaving only a few opportunities for other companies. Vertical companies use the same way to subsidize and access to the user is also difficult to form an effective business model. When the Internet and mobile Internet technology has been maximized development, to optimize the existing lifestyle business model is more optimistic about investors. Now users spend time on the Internet has been maximized, all business models in the end is to save time for users." Reached the morning of venture capital investment industry leader Gao Hongqing on the first financial daily reporters. For the new wave of consumption of the main force, the traditional brand advantage is weakened, replaced by personalized consumption. Gao Hongqing told reporters analyzed, "the second half only two topics: one is to make money, is a stand." In the morning of the 2016 Economic Forum, entrepreneurs horse chairman Niu Wenwen said, "like the U.S. group, today’s headlines, where such companies are in the vertical field have industry depth joint, vertical depth, has been to a vertex, a content of this time the money is very big. Platform companies have come to the point of making money, the company has yet to go to the second half of the internet." This does not mean that the Internet has lost investment value, in fact, the Internet is still the most optimistic about the direction of investors. Qing group’s private equity statistics show that whether it is from the PE VC market investment or raise funds to invest in the industry from the point of view, the Internet is still a primary market investment hot industry. From the model to the Internet as well as the development of mobile Internet technology to the apex, as the future of artificial intelligence technology, virtual reality has become the favored direction of investors. Last year, when we talk about the Internet, venture capital for intelligent hardware attention is very low, in fact, this year the situation is a little upside down. In the roadshow, talk about the Internet, O2O related projects to get the score is not high, investors will be able to see the instinct of exclusion." When it comes to changes in the investment outlet, Intel China strategic cooperation and innovation business in china.相关的主题文章: