Note7 impact has not yet dispersed Note5 also a year? Sohu – digital mobile phone China [news] Samsung large screen flagship Note7 unfortunately though Samsung has stopped with broken halberds defeat, production and sales of nearly a month, but this big screen flagship caused by the vacancy and the impact may be in August next year after the release of the Note8, in order to completely disappear. In the field of large screen, Samsung is a leading manufacturer in 2011, the launch of the first Galaxy Note cross device, using large screen 5.3 inches at the time, shocked the mobile phone ring, and a. Since the Samsung Note series of screen size is also growing, and even extended to 5.7 inches, but each Samsung Note products market response is very good, the Samsung Note series also become the addition of Galaxy S series, a product line is the most important, the second half of the year the most important Samsung mobile phone products. Unfortunately, this year over Note 6 and the direct release of Note7, despite the use of the double curved surface screen and iris recognition technology and fashion and technology, but also the most basic exposed fatal security problems, let people Jie outspaned unceasingly. Samsung Note7 China now has become a memory mistake has occurred, no cry what, Samsung is trying to make some remedial measures. Such as the recent launch of the extremely seductive coral blue version of the Samsung S7 edge. Although the news that Samsung S8 will not be released in March next year if Samsung is not released the big screen flagship, which means that the Note5 has launched more than a year, almost even for Samsung in the big screen in the field quite a year. It is worth noting that HUAWEI has launched a new generation of big screen flagship Mate 9, the machine is not only the wide 5.9 inch big screen, equipped with 960 kylin eight nuclear strong core, but also equipped with Leica dual cameras, and SuperCharge super safe fast charging technology, very powerful. Do not know in the increasingly fierce competition in the Chinese market, but also to leave a lot of opportunities for Samsung?相关的主题文章: