The Fed hawks and doves said September continue to hike prospects still smoke and mirrors U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes stock warrants Sina News Beijing time 10 Bloomberg said, Fed officials said more, investors and economists are more confused. Fed governor Daniel Tarullo said Friday in an interview with CNBC television, once again expressed his cautious assessment of the economic situation, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston governor Eric Rosengren said, there is a reasonable situation gradually tightening policy support. In the Federal Open Market Committee will hold a policy meeting on September 20-21 on the eve of their speech shows convex disagreement exists within the FOMC, the external judgement of the Fed’s policy outlook doesn’t help. "Basically, everyone insisted," Amherst Pierpont Securities in New York, chief economist Stephen Stanley said. This makes it more difficult to judge the significance of recent economic data, including a less than expected employment report. "The Fed’s change in decision-making has been very self, there is no system to let people in this industry through the study of economic data can clearly judge policy level." The Fed’s dovish and hawkish officials, in the recent economic data to emphasize one’s own position. The Hawks said consumer spending is strong, the job market has also made impressive progress, and will keep interest rates at low levels for too long time will bring the risk of financial stability. Doves said that the employment situation there is room for further growth, price growth is only a modest rise, but also a series of performance is less than expected economic data have proved to be patient. In the eyes of investors and analysts, the Fed’s interest rate hike this month is still relatively low probability. Tarullo said on Friday that he was willing to remain patient until the economy was strong enough to sustain interest rates. But he also refused to rule out the possibility of the fed to take action before the end of the year. "I would not rule out this possibility," said Tarullo was asked about the 2016 rate hike outlook on CNBC, "it’s very important for each of us, is to keep an open mind in every meeting on the eve of recognized economic situation and expectations have changed, resulting in a corresponding change we need to view the possibility of." The gradual path of contrast, also have the right to vote this year, Rosengren said, "moderate wage growth is reflected in my opinion, tight labor market began to have more performance in the salary data." Moreover, if we can not continue to gradually move the pace of easing, it may shorten the duration of the current round of economic recovery, rather than extend." Kap3, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Robert相关的主题文章: