Liaoning network about cars parade showmanship to be fined 5000 yuan clear limited period operating in Liaoning will co-ordinate the development and net parade car about the car, use a clear new car franchise Co., free cruise period; for the parade car contract fee standards, fixed tasks, intends to dynamically adjust the way. After a lapse of 1 years, 10 months later, Liaoning once again start the legislative process in order to regulate the management of the parade car and the network about the car, Liaoning passenger taxi management regulations (Draft), the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee on the 7 day of the fourth. Previously, Liaoning on the cruise car contract fee, the right to operate, how to call and other issues have been too many rounds of consideration, there is a more clear direction, and the concept of the network about the first time into the draft. The draft clearly, including the taxi taxi Parade (hereinafter referred to as the parade car) and network booking taxi (hereinafter referred to as the network about the car), will be coordinated development. Key words: Cruise car new cruise car operating rights of the limited use of new cruise car operating rights of all the implementation of free, limited use of the system, the specific term of use by the city and County People’s government. The "draft" regulations, the existing cruise car franchise is not clear deadline or have been paid, the municipal or county people’s Government shall formulate scientific transition plan, reasonably determine the duration of operation and the phasing out of the fees paid for the use of. The right to operate a new cruise car shall not change the main business. In case the business right of the existing cruise vehicle needs to be changed in the period of operation, it shall go through the formalities for alteration to the original licensing authority, and shall not transfer it without authorization. Cruise car franchise expires, the operator intends to continue operating, shall be 60 days before the original licensing authority to apply the expiry of the concession period. The original licensing authority shall, according to the results of the credit rating of the service quality, decide whether or not to permit its continued operation. Cruise car freight must consider the cost and income of residents "draft" after the third review, the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress Law Committee has jointly with the provincial transportation department around the taxi transport to delivery, how to configure the operation right of investigation. Currently, the latest version of the draft in terms of transport capacity, the establishment of dynamic monitoring and adjustment mechanism, and gradually achieve market regulation". The "draft" regulations, considering the factors of parade car industry positioning, operation cost, residents and driver income level, traffic conditions, service quality, and make timely adjustment of the level and structure of freight car parade, a parade car price dynamic adjustment mechanism. When there are passengers on the bus call terminal equipment should be silent parade car drivers need to arrange a reasonable shift time, to avoid early and late passenger peak. The use of audio and video equipment and other communications equipment shall not interfere with the passengers in the course of carrying passengers. Passengers on the bus, the call service terminal equipment should be transferred to mute state. Hou Hou passengers lined up at the station, airports, terminals and other public places, not open call service terminal equipment showmanship, and offenders fined 300 yuan. The draft stipulates that the car is not in accordance with the provisions of the opening of the call service mark or suspend the operation of the logo, a fine of 300 yuan. Refusing or halfway Shuaike will punish 500 yuan "draft" provisions of the four types of "refusing passengers", including "the driver of the vehicle to open rent lights, when passengers waving, parking information does not carry passengers,"?相关的主题文章: