The "big 4" released six hours from the mid autumn crown detonated viewing the tide Sina entertainment news "Westward Journey" series of films "westward journey 3" yesterday to visit the national cinema. In the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the film release, just a line that is caused by the enthusiastic response. The first day of release of the film, with high attendance and impressive box office way ahead in the same schedule of the film, the strong momentum is unstoppable. In addition, the comedy color with the mid autumn festival atmosphere extremely fit, viewers have said the film’s ending very occasional successfully opened the curtain of mid autumn festival. Popular Carnival fiery blockbuster movie downtown mid "westward journey 3" tells the story of the monkey king and Zixia use the box to change the fate of the story. Prior to this, the film with excellent pre-sale results, the mid autumn festival became a popular movie. In September 14th, only released 4 hours, the more the data across the board exceeded 40 million at the box office, the first day of attendance at the box office first, first, the first viewing trips, field trips first, more is to capture the next day and the first row of the pre-sale at the box office champion. Brisk performance beat many blockbusters, dominate in the Mid Autumn Festival. The September film market continued weakness, many foreign large effects have been on the line but failed to restore the decline, while the "westward journey 3" was released that gains so dazzling achievements, showing a strong momentum of development, is expected to drive the market downturn of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the market can pick up. With the pursuit of excitement thriller blockbuster, "westward journey 3" flagship comedy style, Dzogchen ending with the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion scene very well, and more suitable for China film market audience. In the festive atmosphere, Carnival film "westward journey 3" will continue to force, leading the trend of viewing mid autumn festival. The people of God were hi Liu’s comedy movie screen Tim joy "westward journey 3" tells the story of the monkey king and Zixia use the box to change the fate of a love story, happy ending with the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion scene very well, "the official blew the Mid Autumn Festival atmosphere. Yesterday 18 a.m., a large audience into the theater to see the "westward journey 3" real hot scenes visible viewing audience urgent mood. Gordon Liu’s comedy screen, the Jade Emperor, Tang Seng, such as the role of it, he always sell adorable, funny pictures with the people of God were Hi, attracted / laughter. The concept of the movie, many viewers said excitedly "very fun to see, the Mid Autumn Festival is happy to see this movie, I good funny, he and Daisy though always bicker, but is full of love, will overflow pink bubble screen". As Jeffrey Lau [micro-blog] another comedy masterpiece, "westward journey 3" in the Mid Autumn Festival will lead the trend of viewing pleasure, become the first choice of this popular carnival. It is reported that the film "westward journey 3" by Han Geng [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Tang Yan, starring Karen Mok, Wu Jing, [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Hu Jing, [micro-blog] friendship in the spring and Autumn period, Leroy entertainment, film star alliance led by Zoran company produced, Beijing issue, Tianjin culture media Co., Ltd. jointly issued the Milky Way using 2D, 3D, China IMAX, pro.相关的主题文章: