Girl, please wash your head off the toilet! Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Let the former away from WeChat public, "heart" of the |  the heart of the author Li Li Lu Yue will sign | Chloe anchor small | heart Susie, a first love reunion with Mei Mei finally high school’s first voyage of WeChat. From his friend to know his cell phone number, her heart began to tense up, that moment, she found himself still so concerned about him, then forget him. She did not dare to call him, first save the phone number, hesitated a few days later, with his WeChat. When she first sent friend requests, immediately verified by sailing over there! While sailing and his greeting, Mei Mei first time opening of the voyage of the circle of friends, into his world…… And sail again to Mei Mei was delighted and excited, the past has gradually come to mind, the moment of the boring marriage time of boredom and emptiness, let Meimei more attachment voyage, but is remembered for his voyage? One day, Mei Mei finally himself anxious heart, a poem in the circle of friends made the most favorite poet Xi Murong: I seem to have promised you, and you go to the beautiful path you said on the Napo full of tea, as well as fine Acacia as I promised you and in a distant spring afternoon tonight, early white hair comb I suddenly remembered some can not achieve the promise in the light, some inexplicable sadness on that mountain road, the young are you still waiting for me, still eagerly looking at friends likes very much, is a joke, but the voyage no movement, she did not know whether he saw, think that year, they are Xi Murong fans! In those years the legend: movie "in those years we overtake girl" still let Meimei every day make blind and disorderly conjectures her iron heart, the spirit has left the body, and made a circle of friends, this information is only two words: instead of a cliff on the Millennium exhibition, I would rather choose a whole night. Soon, the heart seems to sail to micro letter asked her, always did not dare to ask you, these years, so how have you been? This sentence broke the deliberate distance between the past two people, Mei Mei felt a wave of emotion surging from the depths of the heart, as if the flood broke through the dam. That day, they talked a lot, a lot of memories of the past…… Mei Mei to the deeper, she is more painful, the voyage of the family is very happy, although their marriage comes to the seven year itch stage, but it is not so bad. The impulse of love wanted her to go one step further, and the guilt of the two families had to make her feel better. Two self in Mei Mei heart torn, and she only wanted to have this man, and not allow yourself too close to this man…… The voyage of the attitude, look still tend to their families, to Meimei neither friendly nor aloof. Many women have been caught up in the emotional predicament of the present and past相关的主题文章: