Liu Xiang "sharpshooter" salute Kobe crystal just a couple offer film debut – Sohu entertainment   crystal just a couple in Hollywood studio   Kobe with Liu Xiang dressed in uniforms Sohu entertainment news last week, Venus Hans opened a perfect couple romantic "Roman holiday" tour, but unfortunately suffered a "digital Rome" and "Gladiator" two major stumbling block, the amazing journey that ends. While 21:06 tonight, "the amazing race third season seventh will be launched in Shenzhen satellite TV and video Sohu hot family arrived in Losangeles, the speed of the stage, all the impossible challenge, a surge of adrenaline! Four things, the first to know! One point: Liu Xiang cross play dunk in Lakers Jersey No. 24 strength tribute to Kobe last week, "Xiang trapeze" to return to the hurdle, herd is heroic, dream 12 years ago. Arrived this week at is known as "basketball paradise" Losangeles, "Xiangfei people" for the first time in the program for cross-border challenges break dunk, the Lakers Jersey No. 24, the embodiment of the "sharpshooter", "Idol" Kobe tribute strength. In the same paragraph Kobe Jersey, Liu Xiang instantly into a place where there is no one, a wide path: three step jump, flying layup…… Whether it is a zero angle of three ball or difficult dunk, "Xiang trapeze" driving effortlessly. Such excellent skills, not only attracted by the partner Xu Qifeng applauded, even Liu Xiang himself could not help but sigh: "Kobe put on clothes that Kobe possessed, indeed, pretty good shooting!" Two things: "crystal just a couple" dedication movie debut "Confessions" in addition to Kenneth Fok Guo Jingjing to NBA star studded, Losangeles is also known to the world "Film Paradise", produced many Hollywood stars. And it is here that Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok ushered in the couple’s film debut, a mighty cowboy in bold. However, the "zero acting experience" for the first time the two audition bottlenecks, even in Rome, "Gladiator" broke out Kenneth Fok superb acting since Chen predicament: "the back line is not difficult, but it is very awkward!" Nevertheless, "Diving Queen" Guo Jingjing is still the outbreak of trance acting, face "bandit" open "roaring style", a deterrent. Seeing her husband big push himself successfully rescued, she immediately lost sister mode "on-line", a face of sweet "Confessions" Kenneth Fok said: "You are my hero (you are my hero)", all the sweet su. Point three: Vanness Wu LA turned the Lakers cheerleaders suffered back home court Losangeles Vanness Wu smile test, a former "muscular" image, with a sister Melody – cheerleading joined NBA’s most prestigious, "Lakers cheerleaders," Lakers girls worship as a teacher, learning a pure type of professional NBA cheerleading show. That has always been the "dance" art high strength of his confidence, as a piece of cake. Never thought, just a "battle", he was the coach stopped, told to smile in place. To this end, he quickly learned a double teeth, try to keep a smile, Vanness Wu can integrate cheerleading lively rhythm, bloom.相关的主题文章: