In the face of Korean media comment 8 cosmetic actress most introduction: speaking of South Korea, buddies will think what keywords? I believe that plastic surgery must be in the hearts of most people in the standard answer list. Recently, South Korean media gave the biggest change in the top 8 cosmetic actress, really don’t know, a look surprised, this is a big change. Korean actress face cosmetic comparable to the great changes in living   eighth Jessica No.8: eighth Jessica Jessica Jung Soo Yeon attended "the crazy little thing called love" campaign   Jung Soo Yeon (Jessica) and Zheng Xiujing (Krystal) of the flower in South Korea is also in both local China has a very high degree of concern for the sisters. However, rumors about their plastic surgery has not stopped. In the summer of this year, Jung Soo Yeon and William Chan starred in the movie "that crazy little thing called love" in the process of propaganda, Jung Soo Yeon was also referred to as stiff face. Krystal (left) and Jessica (right) and the beginning of the September, two sisters in Hongkong for a brand site photos, once again confirms this point. Plastic parts: eyelid, plastic teeth of Jessica plastic surgery before and after the play by South Korean media broke the news, before comparing Jung Soo Yeon cosmetic photos, they speculated that she at least had double eyelid plastic teeth and the two aspects of the adjustment. Seventh NANA No.7 seventh NANA 2014 and 100 in 2015, the world’s most beautiful faces on selected NANA for two consecutive years to win the Champions league. NANA, the world’s first beauty title, the South Korean media also pointed out that cosmetic parts. But no matter where the whole, as long as we can stay, we still have to admit that the value of NANA is not really covered. NANA plastic surgery before and after CF plastic parts: double eyelid, open his eyes, nose actually don’t say this project is three stars, even for now a grasp of a lot of red net, is based on some projects? So through these 3 points, it took off the world’s most beautiful face laurel, we are not satisfied with the level of Korean cosmetic surgery. Statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Sixth Lee Da Hae No.6: the sixth Lee Da Hae in 2014, with the "Hotel King" in really a fire. As a 30+ actress in Korea this star industry developed abnormal state, also can occupy a space for one person, in addition to acting, the image of Lee Da Hae for her extra points. Lee Da Hae plastic surgery before and after CF plastic parts: double eyelid, open his eyes, nose, mandibular angle, face Lee Da Hae. In fact, according to the old, still can be seen, at least not ugly so exaggerated. But compared with her after the surgery, but also very different. And many netizens pointed out that she really is a person with N long face, feeling the way in plastic surgery.相关的主题文章: