Open the car for you to create a romantic life realm of pure space do you know? Taste is the main factor that determines the feelings of love and sex. If both men and women are attracted to each other, and values and cultural identity is not a problem, then the willingness to communicate will depend on the taste, the term is called pheromone. Each person has his own unique information, including the inherent taste and external dress, from the origin is in order to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Men and women, work is not tired! In fact, the smell of the opposite sex affects each other’s blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and nerve activity, so that the two sides are in the best physical condition. So, wear clean clothes to see your other half, even if the right half! The other half, depending on the purity of the privacy of the two sides! It is not difficult to understand that only clean clothes and clean no smell of space, in order to allow you to taste the impact of each other! Otherwise, the taste is smell of other neutralized or covered, although they sit, also feel the mysterious attraction. In fact, it’s not your fault, but the smell in the space too much, including the automobile exhaust formaldehyde in furniture get in by every opening, and lead to odor and mildew. Especially in the automobile exhaust hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, lead sulfide, let every owner and family suffer, but incapable of action! Why are there so many single men in big cities? Divorce rate is so high? We all know the reasons: first, the pressure of work, no time to engage in the object; two can not afford to buy the house, there is no fixed, there is no sense of security, no sense of identity. In short, these two aspects of the people have been very anxious to do, and occasionally in the family or in the unit trouble, physical and mental fatigue, which will have a romantic mood! But no one noticed that, in fact, there is a factor that you and I can not see, that is, air pollution caused by the opposite sex can not feel the taste of each other. It’s like a cell phone signal, you can’t see it, but it’s everywhere. The opposite sex, originally there is the existence of neural waves, and now may be air pollution, and can not receive! And remove the smell from the source, to create a pure space, reducing and romance, has become one of the direction of the car to the kingdom! The car interior construction recommended: clean construction + sterilization to taste the construction recommended reason: car interior Kingdom cleaning agent, imported from Japan, the removal of stubborn stains, sterilization mites, genuine as the sky blue solution, the most important is no smell after construction. Due to the difficulty of the project DIY, usually by car beauty shop construction. With the latest to smell nano photocatalyst sterilization deodorant construction, lasting 90 days decomposition of automobile exhaust, formaldehyde and mildew odor, high price. The project can be DIY, but the car beauty shop can use high-pressure spray gun, the construction of uniform coverage, the effect is better. In particular, the tail end of the freight car, no matter how you high-grade automotive air conditioning, but also powerless. The car can help the kingdom of high-quality products, professional construction and create a pure space without peculiar smell. Note: before the construction in order to ensure the interests of consumers, please before construction, and the construction of the store to confirm, whether the product is genuine car kingdom. Pictures show: home construction recommendations: sterilization to taste the construction!相关的主题文章: