Li Yifeng Tang Yan Sun Beach figure but the time and place are not the same as Li Yifeng Tang Yan ins Slide Show attracted everyone questioned two people have a relationship? Sina entertainment at Tang Yan in September 29, the sun drying out in the figure sunrise and Li Yifeng 6 days ago, the October 4th Sina entertainment news recently, netizens from Li Yifeng and Tang Yan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] photos found amazing photos of two people too high similarity. Similar style, are the sunrise or sunset scenery of the sea, have taken pictures of the heart. Users can not understand the question: two people want to open an affair?" According to Sina entertainment inquiry and understanding, and there is no such thing, just happened. Two fans also made a clarification for the idol. Crazy photos from the Internet can be seen, is from the two ins account figure, Li Yifeng and Tang Yan have taken a look at the sun at the beach, with the sun photo. At first glance, reminiscent of Tang Yan, but Slide Show time is September 29th, Li Yifeng Slide Show time is October 4th, the interval of 6 days. Li Yifeng Tang Yan fans of the two is to explain the situation for the idol: Li Yifeng published photos is to look at the sunset in Losangeles commercials; and photo positioning Tang Yan drying out in Italy, but also the sunrise photos. Fans said some people have an ulterior motive Lenovo, misleading. Sina entertainment also contacted the Li Yifeng Tang Yan staff, the other replies have said is groundless statement, no matter, the imagination is too rich, I hope everyone can care about two works. (Lan Ranwen) (commissioning editor: cloud will) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: