Millions of luxury cars Porsche gift AG platform won the tournament on the occasion to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, and coincides with the National Day golden week, as the industry leader of the Asian tour group in order to repay the new and old members of love, especially out of the winning hegemony challenge, and out of the winning prize, 100 million luxury car Porsche seckill gift. The new home activities, Porsche Carrera sports car is already in place, waiting for you to take, this is not the master duel, this is just the lucky polymerization and courage, as long as you dare to fight why not take the Taiwan million luxury car? It is reported that the event officially opened on September 11, 2016, to the end of October 8th, by virtue of your skills, experience and courage, even as long as you have the opportunity to win the 15 Porsche 911Carrera away, the fall of a double win preferential delivery activity rules, members only betting at the flagship AG Hall AG6, can be accumulated to obtain even win delivery bonuses, including five Bureau, seven Bureau, bureau of ten, thirteen and fifteen innings for the reward standard! Even more win, the higher the ranking, will eventually produce a championship, the reward is 1 million 260 thousand yuan worth of Porsche 911Carrera one, while the runner up can also get the value of 590 thousand yuan Porsche Boxster one, even third can get $one hundred thousand cash reward. In the face of such a huge jackpot, game player are beginning to try out? So don’t hesitate to participate in the AG Asia Tour AG6 platform won the tournament, the golden nine silvers ten lucky, one million luxury car waiting for you, as long as enough courage, you can put luxury car home!相关的主题文章: