The Philippine government and the Philippines were indefinite ceasefire killed at least 30 thousand people – Sohu Military Channel Global Times reported that the Philippine government and the Philippines a total of 26 in Norway, Oslo signed a ceasefire agreement, the two sides promised ceasefire indefinitely. Agence France-Presse said it was a breakthrough in the Philippine peace process has never been achieved before. According to reports, in addition to the signing of an indefinite ceasefire agreement, the Philippine government and the Philippines also agreed to accelerate the peace process in the next 6 months to reach the first substantive agreement on economic and social reform. The two sides will meet again in Oslo from October 8th to 12. 26, 2009, in exile in Holland, the founder of the Philippines to accept an interview with Reuters, said the Philippine government has a clear plan to accelerate peace talks. He said that the ceasefire agreement includes consultations with Philippine political, economic and constitutional reform agenda. The Philippine government delegation chief representative and Minister of labour and employment Silvestre Bello said, "we are in? To peace on the highway", a year is expected to reach a final peace agreement. Reuters said that in order to create an atmosphere for peace talks, this month, 20, the Philippine government announced the implementation of the Philippine leadership of the rebels to implement an indefinite ceasefire, the Philippines also responded, announced a temporary ceasefire. Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao, said 19, the Philippine government also released the Philippine Leader Thiam Song and his wife, party secretary general Wilma. Agence France-Presse said the philippine armed forces led by the new people’s army, there are currently 4000 people in the last century in 80s reached a total of 26 thousand people. The conflict between the new people’s army and the Philippine army has killed at least 30 thousand people. Successive Philippine government has tried to reach a settlement with the Philippines, but failed for various reasons. The last round of talks broke down in 2013. Philippine President Duthel Te after taking office will continue to release a signal of reconciliation. Reuters said Walter wants to end and the Philippine Republic armed Muslim guerrilla war, these wars have hampered Philippine economic development.相关的主题文章: