Good man Qiao Renliang to come to this world in a circle, he went public, "this article reprinted from WeChat know Miss" micro signal: entdong Wen Xiaofeng tonight at around nine, when users pass actor Qiao Renliang home in Shanghai was killed in an accident, no one is willing to believe that it is true. An hour later, the news began to ferment, all kinds of rumors coming. Micro-blog certified as "police train – Shanghai of the account issued micro-blog, wrote and Qiao Renliang are men. Then Tencent entertainment from the police informed sources confirmed the news, including Yuan Chengjie and Qiao Renliang had had a working partner entertainers, cooperation is also the first time in the social platform expressed their shock and regret. Earlier friends have found that every year will send a mid autumn festival blessing Qiao Renliang, this year, but did not send on micro-blog. His micro-blog update, forever in September 7th. His last impression of the world is the appearance of black. Qiao Renliang left the world 1 months before he was just 29 years old. Qiao Renliang, who was born in 1987, has been in the entertainment industry for 9 years, but we know little about his family. It is said that Qiao Renliang’s family is very good, but he is the only child in the family. His father was an ocean captain, and his mother was out of work. In 2015, she participated in the variety show recording, his parents also participated in the recording. This is a rare Qiao Renliang and his parents appeared in front of the public picture. Qiao Renliang was born in Shanghai, in the days before entering the entertainment, his resume is very simple. He graduated from Shanghai Dian Ji University, he was the national high jump champion, the national two athletes. Many people know player Qiao Renliang Qiao Renliang is from the 2007 "hero". But in fact he in 05 years, has participated in the "Golden Eagle Star · my own voice" draft. At that time, Qiao Renliang was a young boy, and he won the championship in the game. In 2007, Qiao Renliang participated in the "My Hero", many fans are attracted by Qiao Renliang bad smile. Seven years later, when Qiao Renliang recalled the game again, he only saw the ego, or even the ego. He said that at that time is a special one, I think this is my favorite song to sing, you have to sing. Just because this song can represent my mood or a certain lyrics is my favorite. At that time, Qiao Renliang, is not a good card. He is the most controversial player, is also the most individual flower. In the 07 years of "good man" decimal eight games, Shanghai division Wang Rui was eliminated, Qiao Renliang very uncomfortable. That night, I want to go out with friends, and later, other players to persuade him. The fans then restore the content about this: Zhang Dianfei’s view is: This is a game, since it is a game, need to comply with the rules of the game, can not do whatever they want, so many fans in the vote, just want to see their idols can continue to go on, but KIMI did so many people too willful, sorry…… KIMI (Qiao Renliang) point of view: want to do their own thing, do like things, still bent on.相关的主题文章: