The baby was scared to death by far the most frightening 6 horror horror game VR game in the past has reached a very high level, but the limitations of the 2D screen has restrained horror game play, but the virtual reality (VR) appears, let horror game experience has been a qualitative ascension, immersive VR experience terrorist elements to a new realm. Currently, the world’s three major VR platforms – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR (PSVR) on a lot of awesome VR game has been on the line or still in development. Today we will introduce in detail a few already on the line or the upcoming terrorist VR games. OK, let’s begin. "Resident Evil 7 (Resident Evil 7)" price: TBD platform: PSVR listing date: January 24, 2017 Karp empty with new and absolute horror theme let biochemical crisis shows the most primal terror. An unexpected phone call in the trailer is enough to scare your spine…… This is the first person to look at the old, dark buildings. And every step you take have a hunch, suspected some zombies from the corner suddenly appeared, and then you scared to death. The game landed PC and host platform, will also launch VR version of the experience. Biochemical crisis 7 is expected to be released in January 24, 2017. "Paranormal: Lost Souls (Paranormal Activity:The Lost Soul)" price: TBD platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR "paranormal" film has shown that it is more reason to let you buy Pants (because you get scared……) So, "paranormal activity: the lost soul". Starting from the dark hallway (the dark building seems to be a fixed pattern of terror), the player must explore the building and investigate what is happening. If the game does not use the story of other films, do not maximize the use of the film’s unreal world, it will be worthless. Anyway, you’re in a house, weird things happen. Go get it. The ultimate horror (Affected) price: free platform: Oculus Rift "ultimate horror" is the kind of game you would expect to piss you off. The core of the game is to walk through a manor (or a log cabin and other places with more content to be released), and the terror will appear randomly. This means that you don’t know where there will be a scary beast, these horror elements may let you in the worst possible way to relive the childhood. The ultimate horror was originally designed for the Rift development kit, but it can now run on the Oculus Rift consumer version. "Emily (haunted play.相关的主题文章: