South Korea’s LOL all star game player voting: LPL manager and Uzi won the high popularity of sina hero alliance zone represents the "hero alliance" the highest honor in the game S6 world finals has ended in Losangeles Staples Center, but it can not represent this year’s event has ended, a new round of the exciting showdown Star game will also continue to be staged in the Spanish Barcelona, the domestic voting atmosphere, to see the Korean netizens support players! The number of South Koreans support LCK all star blue arrow represents the support (source: micro-blog users LEmOm_ lemon lemon) can be seen from the figure of Korean friends in mind LCK all star team is playing wild Bengi, single Smeb, single Faker, in the AD position is Pray, Madlife. The strongest increase in LOL today: Faker and Smeb Faker and Smeb since Needless to say, this is a fist most look forward to the 20 top players, the other one is the first three league champion Faker, they are in the leading vote on yiqijuechen. Smeb the strength of top single after Marin LPL went into LCK’s brother is worthy of the name of big ticket fans, the world cup is full of offensive play almost suppressed from all over the world to the elite single. Faker is almost LCK signs, three debut four years into the world championship winning three times, of which there are two sets of LOL MVP, all the glory in one, when Faker again after the Staples Center won the trophy, as Faker in essays in the article said that he is not the devil, the Faker rolling all Korean single support has also become so deserved. SKT Bengi Faker save up many times how much glory on the body, it can be said that the Bengi has, he leaves and big devil is behind the gorgeous red flowers, we also see the Bengi of the leaf, he set off not only is the Faker SKT, S6 Blank in the semi-final for the blind monk over rival ROXT the final decider, or blind monk, "the jungle" to help SKT through the two cup final, the SKT savior has been South Korea netizens support and beat the adorable little peanut appearance. = Pray and Madlife are 2013 and 2015 two all star road 2013, 2015 as a partner in the two all star legend of AD, Pray in South Korea is popular as in the past. He Pray the title of well-known all over the world, and the Pray all star voting is even more beat two world champion Bang Pray, as a veteran, is old but vigorous in this year’s World Championships, in the semi-finals of the SKT was cornered. The Pray all star game, or will once again with Madlife, as the two all star game road partner, this time they are not dreaming.相关的主题文章: