The concept of entertainment | Guo Degang and clean house, you might consider changing rules _ entertainment _ Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Xiaoyao) in August 31st, OD announced officially joined Deyunshe, and has called into Deyunshe genealogy. Then Guo Degang drying out, said "Deyunshe Genealogy" determined to clean up portal, to give an account of the good guys. Genealogy is mentioned, "there were two people Yongyun word name, bully out of human relations, every difficult to have ancestral sell division Qiurong, police suit, back stage name from his legacy, suspected that Cao Yunjin and He Yunwei. In September 4th, micro-blog was called Cao cloud blonde killed, spare none, the users guess is Guo Degang. Although Cao Yunjin left for a long time, but the time was like a son of the master taking audibles, frustrating. As the fire comic performance groups, since Deyunshe since Zhang Wenshun, and Wang Wenlin, Guo Degang, Xing Wenzhao, Yu Qian et al first lishe2, twenty years of hardships in the comic field work, finally with the popularity of the Internet, going out, set up a new banner of comic art: flyover entertainer, teahouse storytellers grew up on the streets of the prototype although the new China living comic art, after the founding of the party had walked into a comic, comic TV system, but also to be nurturing comic dead comic performances of the marketplace gradually deviate from the original intention, people lose flavor, lose the audience, become awkward art. Guo Degang as head of Deyunshe, starting from the tradition to improve the art of cross talk and success. This group not only carry Deyunshe comic art heritage banner, also from the mainstream comic industry greatly different performance style, cultivating the teahouse, close to the audience performance, has won high recognition of the market, such as the Deyunshe theater flyover gradually become the majority of comic lovers new spiritual home. However, it is difficult to start to fall, at the same time, the management of the group followed the comic apprenticeship, Qu Yiban is former head arena style, and in the pursuit of art, and other aspects of the interest division, Xu Deliang, Li Jing, He Yunwei, Cao Yunjin, Liu Yuntian et al have run away, and even individual mentoring enemies and so on, a sigh. Indeed, Guo Degang in the art show, from Datong Leekpai Kaizong, is a real master of artistic attainments; but as a gathering of young people full of wit, huge market appeal team CE0, he is not so successful. A good artist, is not necessarily a master of management. The fundamental problem is that the management of traditional folk art, also should carry out the traditional management methods, new changes regardless of market and people. In the folk art prosperity of Beijing and Tianjin, the team has been the crosstalk is the implementation of the rules of the political arena, and the comic actor team has been a mature training system: clear obligations permissions from the relations, clear division of labor, after the entry to the stage, to learn to master the effectiveness of the three annual report of a nurturing love, all have the provisions written or unwritten. So, at the same time, the Guo Degang OD received as a disciple of cleaning the house, that is according to your micro-blog in the drying out of the Deyunshe ten rules. For example, the first second is not qishimiezu, no interest. And He Yunwei, Cao Yunjin away, just outside.相关的主题文章: