To curb the "Hong Kong Independence" interpretation of law is constitutional responsibility – Beijing, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Dong Jianhua 11, said in Hongkong, the Hongkong Legislative Council sworn storm is the "one country two systems" of the impact of Hongkong is not back in the "one country two systems", interpretation of law is constitutional responsibility. CPPCC Vice Chairman Dong Jianhua: the Hongkong Legislative Council sworn storm, not only a conflict with national security and territorial integrity of the impact of the more major issues issues of right and wrong, "one country two systems" basis, Hongkong and damage the interests of the general public, "one country two systems" and the basic law of Hongkong is the root foundation, any deviation of our damage is difficult to the calculation of interpretation is the constitutional responsibility to Dong Jianhua pointed out that the Legislative Council and the so-called national self-determination oath storm remarks, damage the state also damages the interests of Hongkong. National People’s Congress Standing Committee to make a clear explanation, strict norms, is a responsible approach. Dong Jianhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee: in fact, the National People’s Congress is a part of the legal system, in accordance with the rules of the law, in line with the legal procedures, and how to hinder the rule of law in Hongkong? If everyone in their own minds to evaluate a thing, to replace the most fundamental rule of law, this is really hinder the rule of law in Hongkong, I believe that the people of Hongkong is reasonable. Dong Jianhua said, in the principle of "one country two systems" at the same time, we need to clearly understand the attitude of the state of national interests is the problem firmly and steadfastly. Recently read the selected works of Deng Xiaoping, Deng Xiaoping read in 29 years ago, is also in April 1987, he met with the basic law of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region Drafting Committee of the brilliant speech. Deng Xiaoping was talking about the development of Hongkong, the Hongkong now confirms what happened. Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Dong Jianhua: revisiting the great ambition, also let us clearly understand the central government’s solemn attitude and action to safeguard national sovereignty, Deng Xiaoping said to explain a problem, do not think that the whole thing in Hongkong by Hongkong people to manage, the central point is whether the Everything will be fine.. No, this is unrealistic, central is a non intervention in specific matters of the Special Administrative Region, also does not need to intervene, but the Special Administrative Region will not harm the fundamental interests of the country it? Will not appear? Dong Jianhua said that Hongkong in the "one country, two systems" is not refundable. Step back into the abyss, a step forward, it is our hope. Dong Jianhua said in Hongkong on the issue of major issues issues of right and wrong, people show the Chinese people’s wisdom and patriotism, he is confident of the future of Hongkong. Before the Hongkong SAR Government Secretary for justice, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the Hongkong Basic Law Committee Deputy Director Liang Aishi said, she reacted angrily to the individual Council members elect to promote Hong Kong Independence ", said Hong Kong Independence is not acceptable. Liang Aishi, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of Hongkong, said: "one country, two systems" aims to safeguard national unity, territorial integrity and national security.相关的主题文章: