"Family good partner" is a large indoor game variety of the sincerity of Sohu   entertainment; the Olympic champion Wei Qiuyue Sohu by CCTV Entertainment Arts channel to create large indoor game variety "family good partner" premiered in late October 8th 20, the Olympic champion Wei Qiuyue, Xiao Tong Liu, Chen Aisen, Chen Ruolin portrait join by comedian Wang Ning, repair Rui leader, champions along with their "life partners" composed of "China women’s volleyball team" and "Chinese diving team" two Olympic team heavy battle, challenge fun games, show good partners also shared with the audience once together through the warm, touching and interesting story, side to show the Olympic athletes the field is not the same. After the broadcast received much praise, reception and social media word-of-mouth and broadcast # family partners # main topic reading volume exceeded 48 million, ranked first on the list of variety, crazy variety season first, appear on micro-blog hot topic. In recent years, a variety of simple outdoor screen, shed variety seems to be caught in an embarrassing situation, "family good partner" but the use of reverse thinking, the original large variety such a main partner feelings to indoor, what will be brought to the visual feast of the outdoor variety fatigued audience? The main partner of feelings, return nature "family good partner" variety "outdoor sports" moved into the room, through the rich game format, designed to create a "Star" festival. The program aims to encourage a game and interview link partners support each other and overcome the difficulties of emotion, to show "Chinese type partner" understanding and feelings. Turning to the original intention of the program creation, program producer Fang said in an interview earlier, this program is to hope that through the relaxed humor of the game, showing the team’s tacit cooperation and life. We hope to present to the audience is not just a game and challenge, but also the emotional return behind the laughter." In my opinion, the variety show game under the shell, the essence of the exchange between people, this exchange is the most noteworthy highlights of the program. "Family good partner" emphasizes the mining of emotional core, in the game show, the positive energy of unity, cooperation, hard work is the audience moved. Whether it is in front of the TV or the audience can see the real reaction of the guests, the task of the game like life, there are successes and failures, there are sweet and bitter, and guests to share the story also provides a "window" to understand their life in addition to the stage for the audience, and the audience can narrow the psychological distance in the program to a certain extent. For example, women’s volleyball player Wei Qiuyue a good partner of Li Zhihong with Wei Qiuyue through the downturn, also witnessed her dream of Rio is not easy. The program also told the audience: "good partner" feeling is not to say, but by understanding the days and months multiplying with. Li Jiaming, Yang Fan presided over the gold medal humorous hosting series from the entire program, which shows a sense of rhythm, attracted the audience the joy at the same time can also subtly convey positive energy out. A large indoor game variety bucked the trend of the first broadcast special Olympic Games let the audience see the original large game props, this is a "family good partner.相关的主题文章: