The two cancel 70% occupation qualification licensing for new employment work in Beijing News yesterday morning, Vice Minister of human society, Tang Tao in the State Council routine policy briefing, the State Council executive meeting held on Wednesday decided to cancel the seventh batch of occupation qualification licensing and certification matters 114, as of now, the State Council department set up the occupation the qualification has been canceled 433, reached 70%. In the future, the Ministry of human resources and social will establish a list of professional qualifications list, outside the list are not allowed to identify and identify professional qualifications. 618 occupation qualification has cancelled 433 items according to the Ministry of human resources, the first half of this year, the State Council respectively in January 20th and June 13th two issued the "decision" of the State Council on the cancellation of a number of occupation qualification licensing and approval, canceled two batches of 108 fixed occupation qualification and licensing matters. Prior to the cancellation of the 4 batch, from June 2014 to June 2016 in two years, the State Council is divided into the 6 installment of the abolition of the 319 professional qualifications and identification of matters. In addition, the seventh batch of the State Council recently canceled the vocational qualification of the group, the current state department set up a professional qualification has been canceled in the 433, a decrease of 70% in. Tang Tao, Vice Minister of the Ministry of human resources and social introduction, China began to establish a vocational qualification certificate system in 1994, including access and level evaluation of two categories. Access with the nature of administrative license, is related to public safety, human health and safety of people’s lives and property and other specific occupation (jobs), by the state in accordance with the relevant laws, administrative regulations or the State Council decided to set up; evaluation of the level of the class does not have the nature of administrative license, is the social universality, strong professional skill requirements high occupation (jobs), according to the needs of economic and social development, set up by the Ministry of human resources and in conjunction with the relevant competent departments under the state council. Cancel the qualification for employment "occupation occupation qualification system from the last century since its implementation in 90s, played an important positive role in the building of talent team, but there is a problem is excessive, because of excessive, only seven consecutive batches to reduce are canceled, after the study decision of the State Council executive meeting." Tang Tao said. To cancel the occupation qualification, director of Public Administration Department of National School of Administration bamboo house believes that the abolition of occupation qualification, to the individual, the business scope is greater, the lower the threshold of employment, will be more conducive to employment. For enterprises, the roads are wider selection of workers, workers will become more and more easily. According to Tang Tao introduction, the Ministry of human resources and social department has proposed the establishment of vocational qualification list management system, and by the State Council to promote the transformation of functional coordination group meeting discussed. Beyond the list of the future will not be allowed to establish professional qualifications and identification. In the interpretation of two years to cancel what occupation qualification? According to the Chinese government network information, the State Council from June 2014 to November 2016, two years, the abolition of the 7 installment of the 433 vocational qualifications and identification. What are the 70% of the country’s professional qualifications and licensing matters? The cancellation of professional qualifications, including professional and technical personnel相关的主题文章: