Shenyang was forced to abandon her second husband stay-at-home mom afraid can’t afford a monthly salary of 5 thousand – Beijing to two children, born or not born? Now, with the full liberalization of the two child policy, many couples are considering a second child, but there are also some people choose to give up because of the high cost and raising baby. This does not, in life and not have second children, the huge differences between the Shenyang Xinyu stay-at-home mom and her husband. "I want to give birth to this child, after all, a child is too lonely, but her husband out of a variety of data for analysis, that the family’s economic situation is not allowed, but also said that I am irresponsible, let me do stream of people." In November 1st, Xinyu said, thought the husband is saying, the child was pregnant with will change his mind, but he did not expect so. Stay-at-home mom: micro-blog spit bad husband doesn’t want a second child "who can tell me, Shenyang second child how much money?" The day before, the 29 year old stay-at-home mom Xinyu in individual micro-blog questions, and complained at micro-blog, he accidentally pregnant with a second child, but her husband could not afford even forced her to do abortion. "We have a daughter, 3 years old this year, I think I want to be a child’s request is not too much, after all, a child too lonely, want their children to have a companion, but the husband does not want to firmly believe that the family, the economic situation is not allowed. But I think that if the child is pregnant, her husband will not willing to do, but I was wrong, his attitude is very decisive, do not want to reduce the current standard of living, also said I’m irresponsible, but I think he is more irresponsible, so the future to obliterate a life." Xinyu said. The husband to take the data speak: increase the burden on the family child Xinyu told reporters, why not for two children, husband have their own ideas, he felt that once the birth of two children, two couples will decrease the quality of life, he also moved out of a lot of data analysis, such as housing prices, rising tuition fees, extra fees etc.. But if the child, such as old high school, family pressure will be very large, because while the second is to junior high school, classes will be spending a lot of money. Her husband believes that the minimum monthly household income of 10 thousand yuan, both parents have pension insurance, so as to afford a child of up to two. The status quo of our family is that only a husband to work, 5000 yuan monthly income is the source of all the economy." Xinyu told reporters, for her pregnancy, the original home of four elderly people are very happy, but listening to her husband with a variety of data analysis, they do not speak, let the couple decide to do. And her husband’s attitude is to raise the boss, the future to send their children to learn dance, art, English, do not want to make two children to reduce the standard of living. Finally, Xinyu reluctantly chose to do people, at this time, she was nearly two months pregnant. "I feel I am not a responsible mother, not the family work to bring the child, this time I completely lost hope." Reporter survey fear can not afford to support Shenyang over 6 couples do not want to release two children after the two child policy, you are willing to live? In fact, like Xinyu such a "tangled" in a few. Born or not born, this is indeed a Xin相关的主题文章: