During the national day of the capital airport meet peak travel terminal before parking will be penalized in Beijing – according to the forecast, during the period from September 28th to October 10th, the Capital Airport Flights 21788 sorties, 1676 sorties per day, an increase of 2.83% over last year. Transporting passengers 3 million 382 thousand and 400 passengers, an average of 260 thousand and 200 passengers, representing an increase of 4.49% over the same period last year. The flight is expected to peak in October 1st and the capital airport will usher in the "eleven" golden week, landing flight of about 1759 vehicles, about 283 thousand and 700 passengers inbound and outbound passengers. During this year’s holiday, tourism, visiting relatives are the majority of domestic popular destinations for Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, foreign popular destinations for Hongkong, Seoul, and. Long haul routes in the Americas and Southeast Asia have also grown significantly during the holidays. Data show that from September 30th onwards, the capital airport overall passenger traffic will grow significantly, and reached a peak in October 1st on the same day, inbound and outbound passengers about 283 thousand and 700 passengers, and then gradually decreased, and began to pick up in the second half of the holiday, is expected in October 7th passenger flow peak again, about 273 thousand and 100 passengers inbound and outbound passengers. Specifically, from October 1st to 7, traffic of 1 million 865 thousand passengers, September 30th and October 1st are concentrated in the passenger time, October 7th is the peak day of outbound passengers. In order to improve the long period of airport operation efficiency and service quality of passenger, the capital airport provides mobile phone self-service, self-service check-in, baggage and other convenient measures to set up the channel and passengers anxious passengers in 3 terminal security access. In order to provide convenience to people over the age of 65, disabled and pregnant women and other special guests, the capital airport provides wheelchair rental, companionship and love winter storage service, passengers can be scheduled in advance through the capital airport related services 010-96158 service hotline and the official website of the airport in two ways. It is worth mentioning that the winter storage service from the beginning of October 1st to March 1st of the second year, there is the demand of passengers can also be handled through the application and the passenger service center, each passenger can store two free clothes. "Eleven more" holiday passenger travel, in order to centralized management of passenger car parking chaos, make the airport more smoothly, the capital airport terminal 3 in front of the road, and two road, three road, No. 2 by the northwest side parking building and other surrounding roads were installed off-site traffic enforcement equipment. In front of the building and the probe angle and position were adjusted by adjusting the rear direction to shoot shoot the front direction. The airport social transport vehicles should consciously into the parking building or enter the terminal 3 of a "3 minute quick pick up channel" (3 minutes quick pick up channel is open daily 8:00, 20:00), in accordance with the road traffic signs and markings, obey the traffic rules. According to the relevant provisions of the civil aviation authority, the lithium battery (including charging treasure) only by the passengers carrying (rated energy exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh for approval by the airline), can not be checked, and prohibited more than 160Wh or lithium battery) without clear marks.相关的主题文章: