Hu Ge childhood birthday adorable exposure   users will be made of the expression package — entertainment channel — original title: Hu Ge childhood birthday adorable exposure users will be made   expression package; Hu Ge data figure. China News Agency reporter Zhang Hengwei photo Beijing, October 13, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, Hu Ge starred in "Nirvana in Fire" because the momentum of rising, because the handsome, humorous, popular with many women’s favorite. Recently, one of his childhood photos found, look adorable stay immediately by crazy forwarding, users will be more photos into various expression bag, cute fans say "soon go home with my sister!" Hu Ge has previously been seized more than 13 student photos, again on the Netizens found a young birthday photos, I saw him and friends sit together in front of the birthday cake, a pair of innocent eyes, lips pursed a little, and the baby fat, round face adorable index broken table, but childish appearance is handsome today’s shadow. And his eyes did not look at the camera, but was staring at the cake to see, but also let the fans laugh and say, this baby is full of thought to eat cake!" In addition, there are also enthusiastic fans especially Hu Ge childhood photos made every kind of expression package, and wrote "the Bibi so cute! Go home with my sister!" A photo is crazy reproduced, users can not help but say "I really want to hold a small Hu kiss", "Hu Ge is from Xiaoshuai to ah!" (commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong and Lin Lu)相关的主题文章: