Electronic sports too cattle   these are the industry around thank you — people.com.cn game original title: electronic sports too cattle these peripheral industries have to thank you all the flowers bloom in 2016 is a gaming completely in a year, with 2010 eSports began to grow, the electric heat topic has been high, the e-sports fire, not only drives the development of the game industry, is a public gaming peripheral products with heat, a display, mouse, keyboard, host, Internet cafes etc.. Electronic sports too cattle X these have to thank you for the surrounding industrial science and technology progress too fast, the homogenization phenomenon of electronic products is more and more serious, major businesses in order to pursue the difference will have product segments, and "gaming" has become the best breakthrough, these brands have launched a gaming sub brand series, such as: ACER released the predator as a sub brand, AOC released the love gaming brand, HKC released of ant gaming and BenQ’s ZOWIE gaming brand etc.. Along with the electronic athletics tournament has become popular, many with the popular electronic athletics for having heard it many times, a large number of gaming events have become large-scale electronic for having heard it many times, but all the athletic contest is sponsored by the gaming peripheral industry, the most famous is the three star sponsored WCG game. This tournament not only improves the game’s popularity, also let the game peripherals industry with fire. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Baltic) original title: electronic sports too cattle these peripheral industries have to thank you and all Internet cafes is a noun with the electronic athletics and the rise of the original body is among the early Internet cafes everywhere. The most flourishing Internet cafes, which students do not know a few black bars? Even some of the streets, full of a full size of Internet cafes. But "filthy" is synonymous with the Internet, so with the popularity of computer and home users for higher requirements of the Internet environment, the Internet gradually withdraw from the stage of history. One is a noun with the electronic athletics and the rise of Internet cafes and Internet cafes is the upgraded version, dedicated to building a comfortable, intimate and clean Internet environment and high quality gaming experience. It is compared with the Internet, symbol of "big", has a close relationship with the Gaming Club and gaming clan. Now these Internet cafes and joint manufacturers held a gaming competition, attracting users but also enhance the visibility. Now the environment of Internet cafes is very tall on e-sports, ease the electronic product homogenization situation, save the decline of the Internet tide, develop a series of peripheral industries, these industries have been inseparable and e-sports. Even before gaming has become a college major, the future will E-sports for the entire industry to bring what spring? (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: